Chapter 1 - chocolate strawberries - maya's point of view

He had fallen fast asleep after an hour of blissful sex but she was still awake. She was lost in thoughts cuddled up to his back with her one hand on his distended tummy. On the bed stand was the remainder of the cheesecake she had bought today. More than half of it was gone and the rest would serve as a wonderful breakfast for him.
Chocolate Strawberries. Every night she was revisiting this one evening.
It had all begun with Chocolate Strawberries. They had been together for nearly a year at that point in time. Sex had not been what it used to be when their relationship was fresh. They had tried out quite a bit and she had realized that she liked to be the one in power. He seemed to approve of that but this game was getting old, too.
That evening she had tried something new. Inspired by quite a few movies she had prepared a bowl of ripe sweet strawberries covered in a thick layer of dark chocolate.
After they had found themselves in bed this night and she was straddling him she took the first strawberry, seductively bit of it's tip and then held it in front of his mouth. He opened his mouth and devoured the strawberry right out of her hand. At that precise moment she had felt that tingling sensation the first time. She did not know what it was at that time but it made her reach for the next one. She disregarded this feeling as she noticed how his rock hard dick was pressing against her inner thighs and she felt herself getting wet as well. A few strawberries later his dick started to twitch in anticipation and so she raised her booty only to lower it again engulfing his awaiting cock. Strawberry after strawberry disappeared in his awaiting mouth until the bowl was empty.
The sex that night was incredible and after both laid exhausted on the bed, he said: "That was the best sex in a while, wasn't it?" "Yeah, it was", she answered out of breath, "What do you think was the salient point today?" He answered:" Chocolate Strawberries"

It did not matter whether it was strawberries, brownies, muffins, cupcakes or eclairs. As soon as she popped a treat in his mouth he became aroused and by the third treat he was so out of his mind that he would fulfill her every wish. She definitely got her money's worth. Most evenings she made him pleasure her in many ways before she finally mounted him and rode him to a breathtaking orgasm. She loved the power, that feeding him gave her and soon they played this game every night.

Of course there were side effects. With her hand on his tummy she could feel that his firm body was starting to soften. He had always been slender but even his metabolism could not cope with the amounts of rich sweets that she was feeding him. He was oblivious to these changes for now but if they didn't cut back on their special dessert in time he would get quite chubby.
And there it was again. As soon as she envisioned how her lover would pack on more pounds she felt that tingling sensation again, somehow stronger now.
And then she remembered, that she had felt it before. Whenever she passed by some chubby or even bigger guys in high school or college, her eyes would stay intuitively fixed at them and then there it was. But she had always dismissed this weird feeling then. She did not even consider being into big guys since everyone around her told her that slim was sexy but the truth dawned upon her.
She moved her hand down his side to where his boxer shorts cut into his tummy. A little bit of fat had accumulated there and started to bulge over his boxers. She cupped her hand around it and felt the squishy softness. It felt so good and she felt herself getting aroused again. She rolled over on to her back and dreamed of the days to come. She did not even realize how her hand reached down between her legs. A soft moan escaped her as the third orgasm that night made her body shake uncontrollably.
Her lover awakened slightly from his slumber and asked in a sleepy voice: "Is something wrong, Maya?"
Softly she answered: "No my love, everything is just right. Sleep now my big boy."
She cuddled up to him again and put her hand on his tummy.
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Fatchance 4 years
This. Is. Wonderful!
Ygglw 5 years
Damn I need my chubby man to feed me up as aggressively as this so I gain 100lbs of flab round my formerly slender toned body to propel me to porky obesity! And reduce my manhood to a small sensitive nub trapped in blubber, to be explored only when my bel
Built4com4t 5 years
Still good ;-)
FrecherTyp 8 years
Your story is so hot ^^! I want that maya and the strawberries with chocolate .....:-)

hehe i found it especially sex to read how he tried to get back in shape and how she was using this against him ;-) very briliant ^^
FrecherTyp 8 years
what a really kinky nice sexy smart story ;-) thehe i really would love to meet this nice girl maya ;-)

but in the meanwhile i hope you write more chapters of their sexy observations desires and love for each other smiley

a really magnificent story^^
Badhansel 8 years
You've written a terrific story. At first I was a bit apprehensive about the "her" and "his" perspective but you've handled it beautifully. The pacing is great and I found it both engaging and exciting. Looking forward to more of the same. Many thanks!
Johndohy 8 years
Thank you for the nice feedback! I might add one or two more chapters.
Built4com4t 8 years
wonderful detail...brilliantly erotic. I'm sure others besides me would like to see more.
Fatlilboy 8 years
I can't believe this is your first story - and this is not even your first language. Nicely done!