Chapter 1 - happily ever after

"Smile for the camera!" the photographer called.

Jason and Heather grinned down the lens, the biggest, widest, toothiest grins of the day. It may have been their wedding, but they weren't smiling about that. They both had a secret.

"Where are you both going on your honeymoon?" asked one of Jason's college friends eagerly.

"We're going to an all-inclusive beach resort in Greece," Jason answered quickly, slipping an arm around Heather's waist and sliding a hand down to touch her firm butt through her dress. "Nothing but good food and relaxing in the sun for two whole weeks," he continued, trailing his fingers over Heather's fine ass and turning her on, right there in the middle of their reception. "Apparently, they have an amazing chef who creates these fantastic dishes, day and night. Tall towers of chocolate profiteroles, deep fried kebab meat and the best selection of ice creams in Europe," he gloated, silently patting Heather's butt appreciatively, making her blush.

"You two are going to have such an incredible time" she gushed. "Just make sure you get loads of pictures on the beach!" she winked provocatively.

"Oh don't you worry!" Jason smiled. "Almost all we're packing is swimwear. Heather and I don't plan on getting dressed for pretty much the entire two weeks."

Everyone saw the perfect, happy couple that day. A match made in heaven. But the real truth was that, six months ago, the entire wedding preparations and even Heather and Jason's whole relationship, almost came to a devastating and premature end.

"I can't do this anymore," Heather had sighed. "I can't be with you and be the girl that you need me to be."

Jason hadn't understood back then. He didn't see what the problem was. He had never met anyone in his life who he had ever felt so strongly for. So why was Heather pulling away from him?

But, here they were, happily married at long last. "Ah, the part of the day I was looking forward to most," Jason teased. "Time to cut that great big cake!" he grinned, squeezing Heather's knee.

The crowds gathered around and the pictures were taken. Jason chuckled as he could hear Heather having to swallow with all of the saliva building up in her mouth from the smell of the sugary icing.

"This first slice is for you," Jason smiled, handing over a huge wedge to his new wife. "For your patience; waiting these last six months."

"That's a pretty big slice," Heather marvelled. "I thought you wanted to wait until tomorrow?" she whispered slyly back.

"Oh, I don't mind starting a little early..." Jason whispered in response, pushing the plate towards her. "Enjoy!"
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Karenjenk 5 years
I love this.... mutual but he is still dom.
you write well.
peopel are interesting... and its believebale
and i can spel
Nok 5 years
Great writing, and very fun
Gain234 5 years
This is an all-around great story. The ending is good as is, but I hope you continue!
Wisconfa 5 years
One of the best stories on FF. Please continue !
Womansbellyl... 5 years
Keep up the good work!!
Jazzman 5 years
If the pacing stays realistic. Notice I am not saying Slow.Just realistic. This story is going to be Epic.You are a terrific writer!