Moving out

chapter 1

It was moving day. Dean Dough was moving to his Uncle Gary's mansion for 3 years, and he's excited. Dean is an average kid, 140 lbs, 5'9, and straight. But all of those changed.
When he arrived, his uncle's mansion was huge. When he knocked on the door, a large man in a suit opened the door. "Dean, m'boy!" he said. "Hey Uncle Gary," Dean replied. "Welcome to my mansion, and here are your cousins: Ricky and Ant," he explained. "What's up, Dean?" they both said. The boys were rather larger then Dean, but still the same age. "Where's Aunt Flo?" Dean asked. "I got divorced with her," Gary replied. "I realized that I'm not into woman, I like men." "We do too!" the boys said. This is gonna be a crazy 3 years.
The boys showed Dean to his room, and said, "The closet over there is empty for your clothes. The droors are for food." Food? Dean thought. He was confused why the droors were for FOOD. He unpacked all of his clothes and then opened the droor. There was so much junk food, and in the corner there was a cup. It had pills inside that said, "Hungry Pills". He wondered why those were in there. He thought, Gay, obese, who are these people? Then he went to explore the house. Everything was decked out in food and soda, from droors to closets to under the bed. All of this food made him wonder about his uncle and cousins. And then one room had a bed that was shaped like a heart, a bunch of food, and had a gay flag up (🏳️‍🌈). Wow, maybe that's for something special, he thought. All this stuff was so unusual to a straight skinny guy like himself. "O DEANNNN!" called Uncle Gary. "Come down here, we have something special!" He came downstairs and saw the cousins and uncle together sitting at a table. "Dean, in this house, we do some things different then other people. I recommend that you sit down now." He sat down. "Do u notice anything in this house, Dean? And be honest too." he asked. "Well, I noticed that there is a lot of FOOD in this house. Like decked out all over the place." he explained. "That's what we want to talk about," said Uncle Gary, smiling.
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MangaBL 6 years
Please keep going! I hope Dean gets nice and fat in the next chapters!!
TheBoofman 6 years
Can't wait for this story to continue. As said in other comment, please run words through spell check.
Knightorder 6 years
Liking the story so far, but I strongly recommend running this through a spell-check. For example, it is spelt drawers, not droors.