My kidnapper forces me to eat

Chapter 1 - kidnapped and fed by his friend

I was somewhere in the woods.
the last thing i can remember...
i can´t remember anything..?

the only thing i know is that im somewhere in woods... yes..

and.. i was nude?


i screamed for help but than they came some hot guy arround my age.

he was skinny but kinda muscular.
i feel like that i´ve seem him before..



i said in fear.

"Oh youre remembering me?"
He said.
"But thats not the matter"

"why are we here?"
i said

"You´ll be my fat piggy!"

"what do you mean Kun-"


i didnt know what was going on.
i was very confused.

"I loved you. But you never noticed me.
I always imagined you as a fat, fat pig.
yes, and now the time has finally come!
I´ll make you so fat that you´ll never can move!
so fat, that i must wash you, feed you, and make everything for you!

I was so confused and scared at the same time.

before i could say a thing he pushed a pizza slice in my mouth.

"what th-HGRHH"

"shut up piggy!"

he fed me more.
i tried to escape but as he noticed he began stuffing cake in my mouth and sitting on my lap.

"na na na piggy! no escaping!"

he fed me more and more and i felt how my belly got bigger.

"Aww you´ve growed a belly!"

he fed me more.

"Can you please stop! Belly hurts!"


he slapped me and shoveld more in me.
i was so in pain.

i passed out.

when i woke up i felt like that something was in my breast and ass.

i looked and saw how milk got pumped in my breast from a tube and pure fat in my ass.

and i saw that my belly got bigger like my ass and breast

"oh you´re awake fat ass!"
my belly hurted so much
it was so painfull and i was so sleepy.
"P-Please stop.. Please.."

"never fatty piggy!"
he said with a malice smile
he pushed more and more food into me, it was horrible.
i couldnt take the pain anymore and passed out.

when i woke up again i saw my size.

my Breast, no Boobs, were bigger than normal girls boobs and i noticed i was wearing a pink bra.
my jeans who was so big at the beginning, has now big holes and looked like its popping up every moment. my belly was so big and i was in so much pain.
my ass was bigger than a trash can.

but i was standing? How?
and thats when Kuno came with a slice of cake and said

"Eat Up, Shinji my little piggy.."

i wanted to run but he pushed the cake with all his power in it. i noticed too, he had a little more muscle mass.


My jeans ripped.

"Oh thats how i like it piggy!"

Then he pushed more and more and more and more till the bra ripped.

"Oh you now have so squishy moobs! and your nipples are sticking hard out!"

He then begun take his clothes off and licked my nipple and sucked them while there was a tube in my ass, making me fatter and fatter.

he sucked them and i was so helpless.
i feel on the ground. my whole body jiggled.

"Oh fatty you are jiggling so hard you dont know what am i doing with you after i can taste the milk!"

he licked and licked while my belly ass and boobs got even fatter.

with every breath i felt so much fatter.

"Oh here comes youre milk!"
from my nipple came so much milk.

he licked all off.

"Time for the good stuff!"

he took out the tube placed in my mouth, and two in my nipples.

he rolled me to the other side and waited.


my underwear ripped off.

"Your ass is so plumped and fat!"

he begun slapping it.
i felt how my entire body jiggled like waves.
he then put his cock in my ass and and put it in so far until I felt like his balls touched my ass.
he slowly began fucking me.
i moaned.
then he begun faster and faster.


now my ass hurted to.

i had so much pain.
as i felt that his milk splashed trough my ass i felt losing consciousness.

when i was awake, i saw how fat i was. i couldnt move a single muscle. he did it. my boobs big like a whale, my belly big like 2 cars and my ass big like 4 trash cans..

i felt how he played with my nipples and fucked my ass at the same time.

it began coming milk out of my nipples and cum out of my ass. i looked an him and saw that he was all nude and got a little chubby as well.

"goodnight piggy!"
he said. as he fell asleep.
i did too.

Chapter 2?

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