My three piggies

chapter 1

Red, orange and yellow was what shined in the crowd of onlookers eyes, as they watch the apartment that a number of people and their families or friends lived with them, as they watch the building burn to the ground.

For three best friends and roommates, it was a disaster as they lived in the apartment since they were in college.
One of the friends, whose name is Jake Smyth turned to his friends and said that they need to call if they can stay with anyone they know. However right when he said that a green jeep pulled up next to the three of them on the street and the passenger window rolled down to reveal a familiar face that all three males are on good terms with.

It was Kyle Goldheart.

Kyle Goldheart has been best friends with Jake Smyth, Logan Wafer and Toby Merrill for years since they were in 6th grade all they way through college even if Kyle went to a different college than Jake, Logan and Toby.

Kyle saw the apartment building that Jake, Logan and Toby lived in as he would visit when he was free from his job and sometimes on the weekends.
Kyle asked his three best friends and secret crushes about what happened. And after getting information that their apartment building has burned down, Kyle see's this as his chance. So he whole heartening invites the men he is crushing on into his home to live with him, until they get their own place situated.

Even though he plans to not let them leave.

The three males, try to reason with Kyle as to not burden him but Kyle doesn't take no for an answer, so with little struggle the three males get inside Kyle's jeep with Jake in the passenger seat as Toby and Logan are in the backseats.

With a hidden smile on his face, Kyle proceeds to drive off away from the city to his mansion: that's on the outskirts of the city. The whole way there, Kyle is thinking about what kind of fun he is going to have, by cooking all different kinds of food and how long it will take before any of the three males notice they are putting on weight with each passing day.

Kyle has to bite back a growl of arousal as he can feel himself getting hard at the mere thought of Jake, Logan and Toby getting to fat off Kyle's cooking that they can't leave their rooms.
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