Chapter 1 - the new girlfriend

Maybe it was wrong for Scott to go after Robyn, he realised as he thought back. After all, Robyn was in a pretty serious relationship with Harvey at the time. Not that Harvey was much of friend of his, he reasoned; he was more of a friend of a friend. Still, it was something he was not proud of.

Robyn hadn't really caught Scott's eye when they first met. Sure, she was surprisingly cute and good looking; a bit quiet perhaps, a little dull maybe. But back then she was just one in a string of girls Harvey would bring along to their group's social gatherings. Another new girl from college; so what? Harvey wasn't Scott's favourite person in their group and so they didn't really chat much when they all got together. They just didn't have that much in common. Scott was hardly going to go all out being welcoming to his new girlfriend. But, soon after that, everything changed.

Maybe Harvey didn't see him as much of a threat back then. Scott knew he was a good-looking guy. He wasn't built or even any taller than average height; but he had a handsome face. However, Scott's secret had recently started to spill out onto his waistline. He found himself practising new, calorific recipes at home, driving around to the best food places on dates and spending less and less time at the gym. That's why he was currently a good 30lbs heavier than he was a couple of years ago. He wasn't fat, but he wasn't thin anymore either. He could still wear all his old clothes but, at the tender age of 25, dadbod had set in.

Scott needed an outlet for all this pent-up energy inside of him. He had a fetish for larger, overfed, fattening women. The growth, the greed, the expansion, it all wound him up into a frenzy like nothing else ever could. The idea of feeding someone or watching them swell and grow into a porker made his cock stir instantly. It was pretty much the reason why Harvey's girlfriend Robyn, had gone from being a bland face in the crowd, to the main event whenever they were all together.
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Fatchance 2 years
Wow, lucky imaginary bastard! lol
Feeder862 5 years
This story is now complete. Please feel free to check out my other stories if you enjoyed it.
Lpark435 5 years
This is probably one of my favorites, are you going to finish this one with a few more chapters?
Pd500 5 years
I agree with Jazzman! We're sitting here on an absolute cliffhanger at the end of chapter 11. Do what you like. This is fantastic & definitely has plenty of room for additional chapters. Does he reveal he knows about her feedee profile? I cant wait to
Jazzman 5 years
This is great except for one thing.
Publish the chapters sooner.I hate waiting. It's That Good!And I happen to know that you actually Could publish more frequently. Lol
Pd500 5 years
Loving it!
Feeder862 5 years
Thanks for the heads-up. I write these in Word and then copy and paste them on to here. Does anyone know why this is happening here now? It never used to.
Sutherngent96 5 years
Love the story but what formatting are you using it has a blacksquare "euro" blacksquare like every 5 words
Karenjenk 5 years
Slow beliveable start.
i love this so far!
Wisconfa 5 years
Great start. MORE MORE MORE
Plushush 5 years
Amazing work! I'd love to see more!
Edxl 5 years
I look forward to the rest, nice start!
Pd500 5 years
Great start!
Jazzman 5 years
Yet Another Great Story!