Sedentary work

chapter 1

It started with a sedentary job as a secretary. When I got the job I was trim, about 130 lbs with a tight little ass, big tits, a toned stomach and a pretty face.

Month 1

With such a sedentary job, I promised myself I wouldn’t eat too much and would exercise. After all, I’d seen some of my friends get fat, and I wasn’t going to let that happen.

Despite my commitment to myself, I caught myself snacking in the here and there, but at least I could eat healthy at home right? Plus I was exercising still so some snacking at work couldn’t be too bad.

Month 2

After two months, I was settling into my sedentary job. I noticed my stomach losing its tone and my legs and arms softening just a little. Despite the warning signs, I gave up on the gym. It wasn’t that work was too hard or that I didn’t have time. I just didn’t feel like going after a day at the office. For that matter, I really didn’t like cooking after work either. I began to swap my healthy prepared meals for take out pizzas or fast food dinners. It was okay though. I was still trim right?

Shitty eating habits and sedentary lifestyles aren’t for thin girls though. With my new lifestyle I began to thicken.

Month 3

I’d only been at the job for three months and my clothes were already growing incredibly tight. My ass was stretching the seams of my pants to the bursting point and my boobs we pressing the buttons of my blouse apart.

I knew I should go, but the idea of going back to the gym seemed like torture. Maybe if I just stopped drinking so much soda at work I would be fine. Maybe just 3 or 4 cans a day? Anyway, the clothes still fit right?

Month 4

I’d gotten a lot of complements on my new wardrobe. Sure I’d gotten it because I’d outgrown all of my old clothes, but it still made my feel good. Plus now that my clothes weren’t so tight I could eat a bit more without worrying about bursting out of them, and whether I like to admit it or not, my appetite was growing.

Month 5

Sure I’d put on a little weight. About 50 lbs or so. I had a soft little potbelly pressing against my shirt and my thighs were growing thick. But I liked my new fat ass and big boobs. Wasn’t that what guys wanted now days anyway? They didn’t want some little twig right? With my curves, I thought this might be my ideal weight and.

I just wouldn’t let myself get fat or anything.

Month 6

Even though my new clothes were getting tight, I gave in completely to snacking at the office. Work could be so boring.. I just grabbed whatever food was around to eat at my desk. In addition to several cans of soda consuming a dozen donuts or a full Iet pizza was becoming a regular occurrence.

I saw my colleagues’ sideways glances as I brought all the food to my desk, but I ignored them. I had to pass the time somehow.

Month 7

Buying new clothes was getting expensive, but it was just so much easier than going to the gym or dieting; so, for the second time since starting my new job I completely overhauled my wardrobe.

This time, I knew I was buying fat girl clothes. I needed blouses that would accommodate my thick gut, big boobs and fat arms and skirts that would stretch over my fat overfed ass and around my thick thighs.

Month 8

With new clothes and relationship with food completely in shambles I was fattening up even faster than before. I knew wasn’t just curvy anymore. I wasn’t even a year into my new job and I’d already gained 120 lbs.

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t let myself go, but here I was, only 8 months in and I’d already grown fat. Now that I was fat, did it matter how fat I got anyway?
Like if I was a fat girl I might as well embrace it. Plus at least I packed most of the weight into my big ass and fat tits. And I still had a pretty face right?

Month 9

Since I’d decided to embrace fat girl life, I made a few changes.

I started trying to plan my day to walk less. I was so out of shape I just got winded so easily. It was embarrassing. Plus my thighs had grown so fat that waddling around was kind uncomfortable.

I’d literally start my day by loading up my desk food and soda so I wouldn’t have to get up to get more. Sometimes I’d get more anyway, but it really did cut down the huffing and puffing.

I also decided if I was fat, at least I was going to be fat and confident. I started making sure to wear clothes that highlighted my assets. Low cut v-necks that showed off my huge fattened boobs and tight skirts that emphasized my big ass and comparatively narrow waste.

Month 10

304 lbs. That was a bit of a shock. My doctor told me I’d put on over 170 lbs since he saw me last. He said it was one of the fastest weight gains he’d ever seen and strongly recommended I work on losing weight.

Like didin’t he realize I couldn’t? I hadn’t planned on getting fat. I’d told myself I wouldn’t. But I had a boring sedentary job. Food was what got me through the day. Plus, hadn’t I decided to embrace being a fat girl? Did he want to ruin that for me too? And it was almost the holidays…

Month 11

The hardest part about getting huge has been my sex life. Like yeah I’m really fat now. That doesn’t mean I’ve lowered my standards. I still want to fuck hot muscular guys. Lucky for me, at the office Thanksgiving party I met the son of the owner of our company. He’s a 6’3, muscular former football player.

We were both pretty drunk and I’d stuffed myself to bursting. And somehow one thing led to another and I was up in the hotel room being fucked while he stuffed with pumpkin pie and made me squeal like a pig. The sex so kinky and amazing. I guess he’s into fat girls. I’m definitely into him.

Month 12

Sedentary work did a number on me. A year ago I was thin. Now, my calves are fat. I have tree trunk thighs that force me to waddle. My ass is like two huge beachballs. My gut is thick but honestly still small compared to my ass and tits. My tits are fat and heavy. My arms are soft and bigger than my thighs were when I started. Even my forearms and fingers are plump. I weigh 354 lbs. I’m so fucking fat now. I’m the fattest girl in the whole company. The crazy thing is I know I’m just going to get fatter here. Like all I do is eat. How could I not?

I might be a huge fatty, but the job is good, the food is good and the sex is good. So why change?
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