Small town stories

chapter 1

CH1: Small Town Stories: Lexi the lifetime townie

Union KY is a small town outside of Cincinnati. It's a town where football is king, food is serious, and there's not much to do. This is the story of Lexi. Class of 2008 from Union HS.

Lexi was a smoke show her senior year of high school. She was 5'3 110 had perfectly toned legs, a tight ass, a flat stomach, and still somehow had c-cups. Every guy in school drooled over her. It didn't matter though. She wasn't into High School kids. Lexi already was dating Jimmy C., the 2nd year quarterback of the UCC football team.

On graduation day about half of Lexi's friends went off to college, including Jimmy. Jimmy had landed himself a position as backup QB on Cincinnati's football team. With such an accomplishment, he felt he shouldn't tie himself down with a girl like Lexi, no matter how hot she was. After all, as back up QB in a big school, there had to be hotter girls right? Probably wrong at the time since Lexi was a perfect 10.

Lexi did not go to college. She'd thought about it, but finally decided, "why bother, I can make tips at the bar and probably land a day job." She did.

Lexi's worked at Bat'Her Up each night, and landed herself a job as a clerk for the town during the day. She thought it was great. After all, she was easily clearing 60k, and in Union, that was like being rich. She did notice a lot of her co-workers were a bit heavy, but thought "it's Kentucky, who's not? I just wont eat like them."

Two years later, not much in Lexi's life had changed. She had gotten a bit curvier, but she'd just found that it increased her tips at the bar and made the hottest guys drool over her even more. She loved the attention too, and would frequently go home with one of them. About this time Jimmy came back into town. He'd failed to develop as an NFL prospect, and had no chance of landing a good job since he hadn't ever paid attention in school. He asked Lexi out, and she said no. Lexi was dating Rick, and Rick had a good job unlike Jimmy. Sure, Rick was 10 years older than Lexi, 50 lbs overweight and drank too much, but he was Union rich. After all, he owned Rick's Auto at Crescent and Main.

Over the next year Rick's habits, and the habits of the ladies at the office started to rub off on Lexi. She started to drink a lot more, and not really worry about what she ate at work. Because of her drinking, the owner of Bat'Her Up fired Lexi. At almost the same time, the manager Mike made a move on her because of her Juicy double Ds and fat ass. Initially, Lexi rebuffed Mike, but she quickly changed her mind and they started having an affair. After all, Mike was a perennial contender for Mr. Cinci, and Lexi, no longer a bar tender, was simply a rapidly thickening secretary.

Now that she was going out with Rick and Mick, Lexi found she was eating a lot. Rick constantly overate and drank which encourage Lexi to do the same, and Mike just ate like a bodybuilder, AKA a lot. Not to mention that Lexi was finally starting to make friends with some of the ladies in the office, and god damn they liked food.

Four years out of high school, Lexi was 5'3 170. She knew she was getting a bit fat, but didn't want anyone else to know. Rick was too drunk to care though, and Mike liked it. After all, the fatter Lexi got, the more he got to use his muscles. On top of that, Mike was starting to think of him and Lexi as pretty serious. More over, he'd just one Mr. Cinci and thinking it'd be a great source of income, he used his winnings to buy Bat'her Up. This was when Mike found out about Lexi and Rick. He was pissed and immediately broke up with her.

Lexi was really torn up about the breakup. She thought she'd actually been in love with Mike, but she was banging Rick for the money. Why couldn't Mike get that? Anyway, right around this time she met up with Jimmy again. He was a loser now just working at the local convenience store to get by. But she fucked him anyway, after all, she had nothing to lose.

Jimmy and Lexi kept fucking for the next 3 years even though she was engaged to Rick. Jimmy liked her because she reminded him of his prime, and she liked him for the same reason. Neither of them was in their prime anymore though. Jimmy had put on 80 lbs since quitting football (and failing to graduate). Jimmy was in terrible shape, but Lexi was in far worse shape. Picking up bad habits from both Jimmy and Rick, she'd put on 80 lbs in the past 3 years as well. This put her at whopping 230 lbs. At 5'3, Lexi's boobs were fat Es, her ass was a thick and juicy bubble. While this many men found sexy, her thighs had grown thick and fat as had her belly. Within 1 month, Rick and Jimmy both cut things off with Lexi. About this time, Jen, one of Lexi's best friends from high school moved back into town. After teaching in Louisville for a few years, Jen had gotten a job as a teacher at the high school. Jen and Lexi decided to meet up for lunch.

"Holy shit she got fat" though Lexi as she recognized Jen walking into Dina's Donnuts. It was no joke. Jen was always tall, but she'd used to be tall and wirey. It appeared that college and/or teaching had done some damage. Lexi didn't know what Jen weighed, but at 5'11 she knew Jen now easily weighed over 300 lbs. Despite drastic changes, neither girl commented on the others weigh gain. Jen however, did suggest grabbing a drink at Bat'Her Up the following week. Lexi, unprepared to admit to her embarrassing relationship with the establishment agreed.

The next week Lexi showed up intentionally late to Bat'Her. Mike was behind the bar, but fortunately Jen was there already to deflect. Mike had not seen Lexi in 3 years, and thought she looked stunning. But being a nice guy did not interrupt the old friends, until he slipped Lexi a note with his number on the back of her receipt. She did not call him.

Three years later, hanging out with Jen had seriously taken it's toll on Lexi. Jen was morbidly obese. But this was pretty standard for a rural Kentucky teacher who was constantly being fed treats by her students. Lexi however was a casualty of Jen's constant diet of treats. The onslaught of sugar and carbs had cause Lexi to grow to nearly 300 lbs. 285 to be exact. This is when she saw Mike again.

Mike and Lexi had both been friends of Angela, and were invited to her coming home party. The now 28 yr old 285 lb Lexi was self conscious in decision to go. Meanwhile the six time mr. Cinci winner and towns only local millionare Mike felt like a million buck.

When Lexi arrived, she immediately found Jen, her and clung to her. The once high school hottie could barely function alone at the party. Then Mike found Lexi. Mike could hardly let her go. At twice the weight of the last time they'd been together, Lexi was the perfect exaggeration of the little fatty he remembered. Her thick thighs had become tree trunks, her bubble butt had become a shelf behind her, her double Ds were now Fs and her belly was now thick with fat. Mike couldn't resist. He asked her out again that night and she said yes.

2 years later Mike and Lexi got engaged. Mike is still the emitome of spartand discipline. Menwhile, Lexi is the epitome of indulgens. Weighing 370 lbs her ass as grown so fat Mike bought her a custom car that she can fit in. Her thighs have thickened two twice the size of her high school waist. Her gut now sits well onto her thighs and often keeps her sedentary. And her breasts have grown to be FFs. Lexi is a prisoner of her own fat body, but loves it anyway. After all, she is fucking the sexiest man in town, and is only the 3rd fatest of her friends.
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