Ssbbw and stairs

chapter 1: stairs-400lbs

My first attempt to climb stairs while being supersized was three years ago. I was 400lbs then, and i'm a 5.6 extremely pearshaped girl, with pale skin and auburn hair. My body type make walking really hard, as my thighs rub heavily. I have a big fupa and big inner tighs jutting rolls. My knees were already burried under a thick layer of fat, wich didn't improved my stamina. My belly wasn't drooping very much at that time. The elevator in my flat was out of order, and i had to climb two floors to go to my appartment.

I was absolutely unfit back then (and it didn't improve since then) and i started to climd doing the "one step at a time" process. My ass was spilling out of my leggings and i was hoping nobody will notice this wobbling cottage cheese and my thong!!

I started sweating and panting from the effort when one of my neighbors arrived behind me! I was so huge that he had to stay behind me and wait for me to get to my floor. I was so ashamed!! I could feel beads of sweat rolling from my back to my ass, showing my morbid obesity even more clearly to him!!

I made it without resting but i was totally out of breath! He just said : "dont hurry! There's a great view!" In a very sarcastic tone... i was trying to unlock my door but my heavy breathing prevented me from finding the keyhole. He putted his hands on my thighs to gently, but firmly, push me away and opened my door for me. He then led me to my couch , i fell on it in a loud crack and he said: "hey, it takes you an awful lot of time to recover!!! Are you okay??" I mumbled a "yes" between two gasps and he left.

I got up with a grunt and closed my appartment door covered in sweat, panting heavily, with a very dark sweat deep between my thighs! That humiliating situation made me extremely horny!!! I was such a mess that i can't climb two floors in one go!! I swore to myself that it was the last time i attempt such a climb with so much weight on my poor legs. But i didn't know that my weight was only going to increase!!
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2seatsalways 10 months
Well done on this tale. Really helped the reader imagine being with you every slow heavy waddling step at a time.
Panther45 2 years
Thats so hot!!! I wish I could find a ssbbw like you soon in my area
Newenglander 4 years
I know a French Canadian lady with pear shape similar to yours, but only about 300 pounds. She struggles and gets winded climbing stairs or walking more than a few hundred feet (approx. 100 metres). She knows I'm an FA but has no idea how hot I find her!
Niceflguyforu 7 years
Yes please post more.
QuebecFA 7 years
That was a very sexy story! I wish I were your neighbour! :-)
Knightorder 7 years
Lucky neighbour! J'espère que vous envisagerez nous honorant avec quelques photos de cette délicieuse cul de la vôtre!