Summer gainer

Chapter 1 - intro

(next chapter was written more recently and the writing is probably better than this chapter's writing)

Aleks stepped into the lavish lobby of the luxury resort. He wheeled a large suitcase behind him and held another, making a beeline for the front desk and checking in. He was escorted to the elevator and up to one of the higher floors of the resort tower, entering the room where he would be spending the next few months. His boyfriend, Eric (who obviously was pretty well off considering he got his boyfriend a summer long all expenses paid resort stay), wanted to treat him to this since he had completed another year of his psychology work at university. As Aleks unpacked some of his luggage and began to change into more comfortable clothes, he was reminded of the other reason Eric had put him up in this resort.

After putting on some tight leggings, his fingers glided over his newly formed muffin top to the slight overhang of his soft belly. He gripped the flesh in his hands and squished it, noticing how soft the skin of his stomach had become already. Despite being in a relationship with each other for something over 3 years now, Eric had only recently opened up about his interest in feederism. At first, Aleks was a little put off by this, considering his personal penchant for keeping himself fit, but after a little thought he decided to try out gaining. Aleks realized how much he enjoyed this within the first 15 pounds, and now he had gained well over 30 pounds, putting him around 200.

He stepped over to his room’s full body mirror and continued admiring his half-naked body. The biggest part on him was definitely his hips and ass, giving him a wide pear-shaped look. He’d already begun having problems fitting in some chairs and in most of his old jeans, trading them in for leggings or roomier women’s jeans. He did notice his chest and arms had softened a bit too, and he was even beginning to form some cute chubby cheeks and a double chin.

Satisfied with what he saw, he slipped a loose fitting v neck shirt on and grabbed the resort’s brochure before plopping down on the bed to read through it. He was promised unlimited food and beverages for his entire 3 1/2 month stay, complete with free 24/7 room service. Not only that, he had free reign of the resort, unlimited use of the spa including massages, and access to the all-you-can-eat breakfast and dinner buffets. Aleks could see why Eric chose this place, and he was going to be sure to utilize all of the perks granted to him (and then some). He noticed the clock striking 6, the same time the dinner buffet was supposed to start. He tied up his wavy black hair and set out for his first stuffing of the summer.
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