The dating app that changed everything - part 1

chapter 1

Technology has changed dating. That's for sure. It started with apps like Bumble that put control of initiating conversations into women's hands, but what really changed everything was a startup called 'Honey'. The idea seemed comical - a dating app where all of the guys on it were locked in chastity cages. It was aimed at a niche community of enthusiasts who wanted someone who was excited about chastity play, but the founders never predicted the huge unintended consequences.

As news spread to the mainstream, initially through a series of joke articles, 'tourists' started to appear on the app. Women who wanted to experience the novelty of a date with a man wearing a chastity cage. While it often started as a joke, they seemed to like the experience. As Honey adapted its business model, it allowed other apps to use its API, so that Tinder and Match profiles started carrying the tag 'Honey Lock preferred' to indicate that they gave preference to men who were locked.

The pressure built slowly, but the number of women willing to take a chance on a guy with a Honey Lock grew. The device gave a sense of safety and removed the feeling of sexual obligation, and women loved it. Gradually, and often reluctantly, more guys started to opt in, first at a trickle, then at the tipping point, a flood. Honey opened more and more 'Honey Pot' storefronts where guys could be fitted with their distinctive bright orange metal cages. They sold the cage, and then a subscription plan. Each month of subscription came with a certain number of codes. Starting at three for the most affordable plan, the wearer could invite a woman through the Honey app, giving her the code to his device. If she wanted to, she could then unlock his device.

And so, I found myself sitting in the waiting room at one of the Honey Pot facilities, a bright glass fronted building with friendly orange decor. Twiddling my thumbs nervously, I waited for my name to be called, hoping that I was doing the right thing. For three months now every contact on any app had stalled when the woman asked some variation of "You are on Honey, right?" and fizzled after I confessed that I was not. The final straw was yesterday, when a cute brunette called Claire had messaged me - saying "Hey - I'd love to meet you - text me when you're on Honey!"

"Greg?" A woman asked, breaking my concentration as she emerged from one of the fitting rooms wearing a lab coat and carrying a tablet. I stood up, nodding self consciously, feeling that everyone else's eyes are on me as I followed her through the door. The room was small, resembling a medical office.

"Okaaay..." She said breezily, scrolling on the tablet. "It looks like you have selected a three month subscription with three codes per month?"

"Erm, yes." I said, looking down, blushing with embarrassment. Tall, with long hair platted down her back, she was plain, but not unattractive.

"Good - well - there's nothing to be nervous about, you've pre-signed the on-line paperwork, but I just want to go over the agreement with you and then we'll go ahead and get you fitted, ok?" She smiled as I nodded. "So - you are committing to a number of behavioral guidelines. First, you are not permitted to tamper with or attempt to defeat the device in any way. It is there to prevent you from achieving orgasm, and it is equipped with sophisticated electronic monitoring equipment. Undue pressure, any vibration at all, or too much movement will all trigger a 'lock-up' mode. The device will stop responding to codes and will alert the company. Your subscription and deposit will be forfeit. You will be able to return the device at the end of your subscription period, but not before. Short story - don't mess with it - do you understand?" She grinned mischievously, looking me in the eye.

I nodded. "Y-yes." I managed. "I-I understand."

"Good!" She grinned. "Now, it's not all bad! As you know, you can invite women to pick up an unlock code through the Honey app. Each time you invite you use up one of your codes, regardless of whether it is used to release you. The code remains valid until you invite another woman though. Just be aware that if you make another invite, the previous code is invalidated. This just means that you can't have more than one key holder at a time - do you understand?"

"Yes - yes I do." I nodded.

"OK, and lastly, each use of the code by a woman authorizes the device to come off for 90 minutes. The woman can authorize extensions, but it is your responsibly to ensure that you are re-locked before the authorization period expires. Any violation of this rule results in a lockup and forfeiture. Is that clear?"

"Yes - you're - you're going to show me how to do that, right?"

"Yes." She said, grinning. "Why don't you take off your pants and underwear and hop up onto the table." She reached for a cardboard box and deftly opened it while I unbuttoned my belt self-consciously. Instinctively I turned my back as I took off my shoes, then pulled my trousers and pants down. Folding them neatly, I sat on the table as she watched with what looked like professional interest. "OK - I need you to open your legs and put your feet in the stirrups." She laughed, watching my knees locked together in modest embarrassment. "Don't worry - I've seen it all before."

Taking a deep breath, I spread my thighs, letting my ankles rest in the sheepskin foot rests. "You know, women deal with this every time they go to the Doctor, so don't feel too bad!" The feeling of vulnerability and humiliation was worse than I expected, and I felt my face flush with embarrassment as she produced the bright orange device from the box.

"OK - so there are two parts." She said, holding one in each hand. "This ring goes around the shaft of your penis and behind your testicles, and this cage clips onto it, enclosing the penis and securing the balls in place. It's hardened steel, with a covering of skin-tone synthetic rubber to increase comfort. The cage comes off when authorized, but the ring stays on at all times."

I nodded as she stepped between my legs, grasping my balls in one hand. I gasped at the sensation, feeling my body react instantly to the stimulation. She laughed, tenderly pushing first one, then the other ball through the ring with a skilled motion. The feeling was uncomfortable, but not painful. Before I could gather my thoughts, I felt her firm touch massage my still soft penis through the ring, my anxiety rising as I felt my cock stiffen under the unusual touch.

"Don't worry Greg." She chuckled, watching my penis respond involuntarily to her touch. "That's quite normal. We'll just wait a moment while you calm down and then I will let you fit the cage. You'll want to push your penis right inside, then align the pins on the cage with the holes in the ring. Make sure the cage is pointed downwards!" She handed me the orange device, and I examined the steel cage, nervously letting the tip of my penis rest at the entrance. The cold touch helped to soften my manhood, and in moments I was able to stuff myself inside the tiny prison. A solid 'click' signaled that it was firmly installed, and as I tugged softly I understood for the first time how secure it was.

"Good." She said, playfully running her fingers over my exposed scrotum, making my balls tighten reflexively and my cock sell inside the steel tube. "First time! Now, it's important to clean using a shower head every day, and let it dry, but otherwise you just use the app to invite key holders to unlock you. You can come back if you have any issues, but release will only be authorized for medical reasons. OK! Now you can get dressed, and unless you have any problems I will see you in three months! I think you're going to enjoy Honey!"
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