The dating app that changed everything part 2

chapter 1

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I felt a flutter of excitement in my stomach, letting out a soft sigh as my my body tightened with arousal. The rational part of my brain told me that she smelled slightly of perspiration, but the animal part lit up with hunger, craving her hormone laden body.

"Mmm..." She grinned conspiratorially, pulling away and running her fingers through her long brown hair.

I stared, dumbstruck, feeling my cock swell painfully in its cage, my brain unable to do anything but drink in her deep cleavage. "Well - are you going to sit down?" She asked.

I smiled, sitting down next to her on the bench seat. We chatted and laughed through two rounds of drinks as she cuddled into me, giggling as she rested her head on my shoulder. I was shaking with excitement, ignoring the pain as my cock obeyed millions of years of evolution, unable to comprehend the cruelty of the Honey Lock.

"Well..." She whispered in my ear, bending into me and letting her hand rest on my thigh. "Are you going to take me home?"

"Um. Yes - yes - sure - that sounds great." I babbled, trying not to stammer with excitement.

The short Uber ride was delicious agony as we kissed and fondled each other in the back seat. I gasped as she slipped her hand inside my waistband, our mouths meeting in a deep kiss as I felt the ecstatic suffering of her fingertips on my swollen balls. I grunted in wordless pleasure, pulling her towards me, my body ready to serve her in any way.

In her apartment she poured us another drink, cuddling up to me on her sofa as we chatted and laughed. "Greg?" She said, her tone a little more serious as she moved her hand up my inner thigh in a way that made me squirm.

"Hmmm?" I managed, spreading my legs slightly to give her more room to explore.

"You know, I don't usually bring guys home on a first date." She smiles, resting her hand on the cage beneath my jeans, beginning to toy with my belt buckle.

"I-I'm sure." I say, using one hand to help her unfasten my belt and unbutton my pants, gasping as she flies her fingers under the elastic of my boxers, her fingertips brushing the fuzz of hair, then taking hold of the hard plastic cage. I can't help moaning with frustrated pleasure as her palm pushes down on the cage, her fingers caressing my testicles, my hips bucking involuntarily, my cock struggling uselessly against the inflexible hutch.

"Are you attracted to me Greg?" She asks quietly, brushing my neck with her face as she places delicate kisses on my cheek. I try to kiss her, but she pulls away slightly, almost imperceptibly changing her grip on my emasculated cock. "I need to hear you say it Greg." She whispers.

"Hmmm..." I moan, my pelvis grinding helplessly against her soft hand. "I am. C-can you feel how attracted I am to you? I want you so much."

"Tell me how attracted you are to me Greg. I need to know that you really like me." She pulls away from me, lying back on the sofa and laying her legs on my tormented lap. I moan softly in frustration, trying to hide my impatience as my cock throbs eagerly. I look at her, trying to think of something to say that sounds honest.

"You have beautiful eyes." I say, making eye contact as I lean forward, placing one hand on each of her thick thighs. She smiles, wriggling shyly, spreading her legs either side of me and raising her eyebrows invitingly.

"I love the shape of your face." I continue, watching her blush slightly as she glances away coyly. I push slightly with my palms, and she lets her legs open further as I move her dress up her fleshy legs. She reaches down, and I am afraid for a moment that she will push me away, but instead she takes the hem of her dress, and pulls it up around her waist, revealing herself to me as she continues to look down shyly.

I run my hands up the outside of her legs, noticing that she is unshaved, my eyes drawn to her cream colored panties. Large and wide-cut, her dark bush extends either side of them, her tightly curled pubic hair gradually becoming finer and shorter until it is indistinguishable from her leg hair. "Mmmm." I murmur, stroking her inner thighs with my palms, letting my fingers rest gently against the seam of her panties.

"That feels good." She murmurs, letting her head tilt backwards, her spine arching as her hips tilt towards me. I can smell the musky odor of her arousal, my pent-up need overcoming the revulsion I knew I would normally have felt towards her fat and unkempt body. My mind wandered briefly to occasions when I had slept with women who I didn't find attractive, sometimes out of pity, sometimes out of a drunken lowering of standards at the end of an unsuccessful evening. The result was the same - a feeling of sullied disgust the next morning, the walk of shame home, and the hope that no one I knew had seen us together.

Still, ten days of frustration buried these thoughts as I gazed longingly at Sophie's thick thighs and unshaved legs. I wanted her more than I had ever wanted any woman, my cock ached with need, my body responding only to the proffered hope of release.

I slid my fingertips gently under the cotton seams of her panties, feeling the tender puffiness of her intimate skin. She sighed, pushing towards me, and I continued, tenderly exploring her labia as she I watched her grin and gasp with excited pleasure. Reaching the cleft of her pussy, I began to probe and separate the folds, mortified to see her jolt awkwardly, sitting up once more. "Not yet Greg." She said, pulling away, but wriggling out of her panties.

"Are-are you ok?" I asked.

"Yes-just not wanting to move too fast. I-I need to feel really comfortable with someone to let myself go."

"I totally understand." I say, trying to control my body's urge to force myself on her.

I watch, confused by the mixed signals as she stands up, lifting her dress over her head and dropping it to the ground, noticing for the first time her hairy armpits. Her round belly bulges generously either side of her hips, her belly button like a jewel. Her hairy pussy seems almost framed by the triangle of folds of fat of her thighs and belly. Her beige bra struggles awkwardly to contain her heavy breasts as she reaches to unclip it, letting them fall, hanging gracelessly, red marks visible from its underwire's awkward attempt to support them.

She stands in front of me, as I gaze at her body, simultaneously repulsed and enthralled by it. "Do you think I'm attractive Greg?" She asks, stepping closer.

"Oh God yes!" I cry out, my cock straining, the frustration in my loins unbearable.

"That's interesting, don't you think? Because you don't seem to even remember that you stopped talking to me on Bumble six months ago when you saw my full length pic."
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