The jealous love

Chapter 1 - the boy

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“Which superhero power would you have, if you could choose?” asked Miriam, exiting the cinema with her best friend, Jane. “I’d choose to be able to fly!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Jane laughed and explained how cold it would be, flying up in the sky at such fast speeds, and suggesting that maybe Miriam might like to reconsider. But when pressed for her own answer, she had to think of what to say to Miriam. Her real answer came to her straight away: invisibility, so that she could sneak into the guys’ changing rooms and get a good look at the college football hunk, Tommy Ford. Or better yet, some sort of power to seduce anyone she wanted! Now that would be a great superpower! Just imagine that!

“Um, I don’t know…” Jane considered, deciding not to share her kinky thoughts with Miriam. “I suppose I would choose to see the future,” she smiled, selecting the first thing that came into her head.

As they walked back to campus, Jane tried to carry on walking without turning to look at Tommy Ford, throwing a football with his friends out on the grass. His shirt was off, as always when there was a bit of sun, and there was a light glazing of sweat on his beautiful torso; making his rippling muscles glitter and stand-out even more. An imposing height and stature, Tommy was the definitive crush for most girls on the campus. A display like this would tempt a quiet crowd of girls and guys out of their dorm rooms to study in the sunshine, enjoying the view. Indeed, Jane felt that lust every bit as much as the other admirers did, if not more! What she wouldn’t do to be able to seduce a hunk, such as him! She’d always been such a plain girl; nice enough, but never the type to inspire the passions of a guy even close to Tommy’s level. She started to imagine it in her head; kissing that big, strong guy, removing his clothes and revealing the boy’s hardness, just for her! She pictured how jealous the other girls would be and how she would parade around campus, hand-in-hand with him. She’d insist that his shirt was off as often as possible, showing off those amazing stomach muscles and trim waist. She imagined him on days out at the beach, dressed in some tight swim trunks, and thought about the way his toned muscles would flex and pump as he played volleyball on the sand.

A seed had been planted in Jane’s head. The idea of seducing Tommy soon became the stuff of her deepest fantasies. It was what she imagined each evening as she touched herself, the fantasy playing out in her head more elaborately as the days went by.

Tommy Ford was hers.
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ChubBoyDallas 1 month
Timmy is my dream Hunky Chunky Sweetheart ! 😍💎😘
ChubBoyDallas 1 month

Sweet Beautiful Handsome Hunk is plumping up beautifully! 😍

He is such a a precious gem! 🥰💯💎
ChubBoyDallas 1 month
Absolutely Adorable!!!! 😍

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I want to read more stories like this wine. It was awesome.
Bubblereader 1 year
20 chapter was the perfect end for them. None of them was trully happy in this relationship.
Iread247 4 years
As always. Brillant
Aquarius64 4 years
My brother said that if he had a superhuman power it would be to shape shift. On his way to work he could turn into a fly when he reached the railway station and sneak onto the train without paying unnoticed.
My other brother opted to be omnipotent. Tha
Aquarius64 4 years
I’ve had long discussions about whether wings or a tail would be better, if you could have a choice. I would always opt for wings, so you could get home quick avoiding the traffic for once. However approximately 75% of the people asked in my non-scienti
Jenemc 4 years
Too bad theres no spell she could have cast on Tommy's family to "adjust" their thinking and behavior
Feeder862 4 years
This story will have twenty-seven chapters once completed. I hope you've all enjoyed this one. It's my longest yet!
Growingsofter 4 years
More please
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If ppl thught he was fat before just they wait and c lol
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Don't worry. Chapter 20 is not the end.
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Chapter 20 was heart breaking. Is that the end?