They await you

Chapter 1 - from the first bite

It starts so innocently. You stuff yourself, and others stuff you. Buttons pop and spin about on the floor, as your eyes glaze over from so much joyful eating. Your body groans from too much -- too much to handle. Yet, there is never enough, is there? You and your appetite grow.

At some point, your clothing can no longer contain you. The seams cry out, then tear, allowing your soft adipose to pour forth into the gleaming eyes of your feeders.

You see beauty in stretch marks as they lengthen and grow more defined -- proof that you can push yourself to great limits, your own skin barely able to contain yourself now.

And your demons chuckle at one more step toward your demise.

So great is the power of all this that it is so tempting just to let go, and to grow fat -- or to become addicted to the growing of fat on another, to encourage your fatty to have another helping, to eat until they can't possibly fit another bite into their chubby cheeks. To eat until the bittersweet ending.

This is the purest of hedonism, of decadence, containing the greatest of all human appetites -- for both food and sex. It's no wonder so many fall prey to morbid obesity, and it's a great wonder that more don't.

This is the ending you've worked so hard for. It's not easy to be so gloriously fat, and you've certainly persisted in the face of great odds.

Not that you weren't helped along the way.

Gluttony is one of the Seven Sins, and it has swallowed you whole -- even the glutton gets consumed at some point. You knew how sinful this was from the beginning -- and how ruinous to you not just your figure but your health. And still, you persisted. And it was that implied naughtiness that drove you to this moment.

Society -- your family, friends, acquaintances, people at the store -- all tried to shame you for your fat -- fat grown on purpose and intertwined with lust and sloth and greed. That's more than half the sins right there.

You reveled in that sinfulness. You invited it in, and the very notion of "bad" drove you toward the table, toward food, stuffing, bingeing and being fed.

Within you are lovely, charming demons whose voices whisper, "Eat, eat, eat, don't stop now."
And there is no reason to stop. Ever. It's over.
How did you ever expect this to turn out well?

The demons are here, waiting for your last gasp. They grin as you reach for that final fattening snack. There is never enough food to fill you up.

And there is never enough time.

Your demons are patient. They've been waiting for you since that first sinful bite. They are waiting, waiting to welcome you to a special circle of hell -- set aside for lustly, greedy gluttons like you.

You can't disappoint them now. Have another piece of pie, dear.
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