Victim of success

chapter 1

So yeah, I guess I opened the first gym when I was 23. That was 2015, so, almost 10 years ago. Back then it seemed like the obvious thing to do. Like I was obsessed with fitness. Plus, I looked the part, so people were always asking me for advice. I was really, like, one of the very first fitness social influencers.

Uhg. Yeah, back then I was so fit. Like 5’4, 120 lbs., blond hair, a perfect tan, and a lean muscular body with an ass that says ‘I squat.’ Obviously that bodies gone now.

Everything really started when I opened the gym. I thought, it would be so easy. People would come; I’d sign them up. Then they’d check themselves in at the scanner and if there were any problems we’d take care of it right? It couldn’t be too tough right?

I probably should have been ready. I mean I knew I had 2.5 million followers on instagram. But I did not realize how many people that would bring in. Literally as soon as I opened the doors, membership started to skyrocket. I was understaffed. I didn’t have enough instructors, maintenance, desk girls or trainers hired. I was just way behind right away. After like three month of interviewing, hiring, firing, and more hiring I finally had a reasonable staff. But I still had to figure out how to juggle everyone’s schedule? Plus, listening to members?

It was all so stressful. All I did was work on the gym and try to maintain some level of engagement with my followers. I hardly had time for anything during first year. I gave up on workouts. I ate super unhealthy, like late night take out or just whatever I could grab in a hurry. Even though I was eating garbage, I actually dropped 10 lbs. I just usually didn’t have time to eat.

Finally, after a year, I started to get back into a routine. I was exercising again and I was trying to get back to eating healthy. I made sure I ate enough and that I had good sources of protein. I couldn’t quite kick my late night takeout habit though. Like I tried not too, but sometimes I just had to get some pizza or beef lo mien. It was just too good. Plus everyone cheats right?

That was a pretty good year. Memberships were 2000 and growing. I started to feel pretty fit again. I was getting stronger. I was putting on a bit of weight, probably about 20 lbs over the year, but I figured that was good since I’d lost so much the previous year. Plus, even if I didn’t have a 6-pack I thought it made my ass look good. Oh, and I got my sex life back, which was amazing. It was literally so easy, I was surrounded by hot guys at the gym and I was gorgeous and only looking to have fun. I had my pick.

Then I met Dan. Dan was one of our long standing members and really good looking. Like 33 yrs old, 6’4, dark hair, 200 lbs, lean and muscular. But more importantly, Dan was a wealthy developer and he wanted me to partner with him to put another gym in one of his major complexes. At first, I was hesitant. It was so much work to open a gym. Dan was persistent though. If I was going to be a major player in the fitness world it was going to take effort, but he was convinced we’d make a lot of money and it would be worth it. After a few months, he had me convinced too.

So the process started again. He took care of build out which was great, but I was up to my eyes in work. I had to buy equipment, market, coordinate a pre-sale, hire and schedule. There was no time for exercise. Just work, takeout, sleep takeout work. I knew I was using food to manage my stress, but there was too much to do. I didn’t have time to think about.

Nine months later and 15 lbs heavier. I was the proud owner of two huge gyms totaling 5000 members and growing. I hadn’t made any big mistakes this time either. So I had my life back. I got back into lifting, I really couldn’t get myself back into cardio again though. I just didn’t like it anymore, and with two gyms I was always getting pulled in a million directions. It was too easy to make an excuse not to do it. I was a little worried about my weight. 145lbs felt like it might be a bad sign. But like, it all of my weight went to my ass and tits so I kind of liked it. Plus my 3 million instagram followers and easy sex life said it couldn’t be too big of a problem.

I barely had time to enjoy the simple life before Dan was back. He said things were going great. We’d already reached 3000 members in the new gym and he wanted to open two more.

I said 'fuck no.' I needed a break. But he had a plan. If these 2 were even half as successful as the first two, we could hire a regional manager to take care of the day-to-day stuff in the gyms. Then with him as a financier, I could focus on growth opportunities and we could make millions. I couldn’t believe it, but he had me convinced again.

So, I left the gym again, this time feeling conflicted. Was I ever going to get back to gym life now? Was I turning into a corporate fat cat? Was I was giving up on fitness?

By the end of the year, we had both gyms open and three more planned. I loved being a 27 year old business mogul. I felt like a boss bitch stepping out of my black Range Rover dressed head to toe designer clothes to inspect a gym. But I hated myself for giving up on my fitness. I weighed 190 lbs. I was overfed with a fat ass, thick thighs and big tits. Most of the time I still thought I looked pretty good, even if I had lost all my tone, developed soft arms and a little gut. But then I’d be surrounded by gorgeous fitness professionals and reminded of how out of shape I'd become.

Sometimes, when I felt really low, I’d seduce and fuck trainers to make myself feel better. It wasn’t too hard. I think most of them liked the idea of fucking the boss. Feeling their hot, hard, toned fucking my soft, growing one was amazing, but it always reminded me of just how fat I was getting.
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