When life thickens

chapter 1

I was a track star at Cal throughout college and I had the body to show it. I was 5'5, 115, tan, and brunette with long, lean toned legs, a tight ass, and washboard abs. My focus had always been track. I literally trained, ate, slept, and breathed track. My dedication shaped a body most guys drooled over. And they did. I wasn't even that interested, but literally had my pick of guys whenever I wanted. I kind of learned to treat them as disposable back then. Not my best quality, but it happened.

Even with track, I managed to graduate a year early. After graduation, I landed a job as 2nd grade teacher at one of the best elementary schools in Austin. At work, my class was mostly well behaved and my co-workers were friendly. I didn't see my co-workers much outside of work though. At just 20, I was the youngest teacher by a few years, and felt like we didn't have a ton in common. Anyway, I barely had time to socialize. I'd joined a running club and started pursuing my master's degree.

After two years of night classes, I graduated. I FINALLY had time for a bit of a social life. I started to actually accept invitations to go out with my co-workers; sometimes, I'd even skip track workouts for girls night out.

With my newfound time, I started to hang out with social crew in the running club too. I was damn fast, so I still trained with the competitors. But before and after our workouts, the social crew was for me. We'd go out and grab a bite or a drink after workouts. It was more fun. I didn't need all the pressure of being a college athlete. I still looked the part and I was still pretty fast. Years of training will do that, but being singularly focused? That was behind me.

Not surprisingly, my social life and lack of motivation started to take a toll on my running career. Over course of a year, my weight climbed from 115 to 125 and I began to lose my top end speed. Now that I no longer had elite speed, I felt even less motivated. I was burnt out on running. Being so disciplined for so long gets old, and if you can't be the best, is it worth trying? With that attitude my diet began to slip too. I'd lost my edge and it's not like I was racing anymore anyway, so did I have to be crazy about it? I thought, not and I completely stopped worrying about my diet. If there was pizza, I at pizza, if my kids brought in snacks, why not. I'd denied myself for ages, now I was going to live a little.

This did not have a good effect on my weight. I put on 30 lbs in about two months. I actually didn't mind it. It turned out that with my genes, most of the weight went to my ass and tits. I definitely wasn't turning any fewer heads. The problem was, it was just the first 30.

I put on another 35 lbs over the next few months before my weight gain finally got things in check. Being 5'5 190 definitely had slowed me down, but kinda liked that I had a nice thick ass and big tits now. But I didn't like that I'd developed thick thighs, fat calves and bigger arms, or the little gut I was sporting now. I was getting fat fast and becoming exactly what I'd dreaded during my college days: I was turning into the fat girl who USED to be an athlete. Even more concerning to me though was that I was the fact that I was not married, not seeing anyone and turning into a fat girl. My days as a gorgeous collegiate athlete had turned me pretty shallow and given high standards when it came to guys. I couldn't settle. I resolved to lose weight. It was brutal.

I still went to running club, but it was more to see my friends. I was so burnt out on running there was no way I was going to lose weight that way. Instead I hired a trainer. We worked out three times a week. I sweat, dieted, cheated on my diet, started running more, skipped workouts, quit running, started again, judged myself, bitched out friends, and generally hated life for two whole years while I lost 55 lbs and became a hot bitch. I went from the 190 lbs 23 year hold to a 135 lb 25 year old. I didn't look like a runner anymore, but I looked like a girl who squatted. I was tan, had a great ass made for yoga pants, and I was toned. I knew I was a knockout. THAT was when I finally met Devon.

I was his kid's teacher, and he asked me out super awkwardly after his parent teacher conference. Devon was about 10 years older than me, and the co-founder of a tech firm. He was fit, good looking, rich. Looking back, I honestly never even liked him, but on paper he was exactly what I wanted. Anyway, we dated for about nine months before he proposed. Finally, I felt like I was safe. I had a guy who was up to standard: smart, rich, and good looking. So, naturally I started putting weight back on.

A month after we married I was up to 145. It wasn't dramatic, but I was less toned. I'd been so disciplined I needed a break. I didn't want to get fat, but part of me knew I'd always planned on letting myself go after getting married. It was the silent agreement I'd made myself when I lost all that weight. My running times were climbing again and I was thinking about canceling my trainer. Then I found out I was pregnant. It was the perfect excuse to let go. Everyone puts on weight then right?

The pregnancy did surprisingly little damage though. I ate a ton when I was pregnant, but Devon made sure it was all really healthy stuff. Nine months later I was only up to 155 lbs. My ass and tits were thickening again and all my tone was mostly gone. I didn't care though. With my man landed, wedding over, and no pregnancy nutrition to worry about my weight exploded.

Post pregnancy I put on 40 lbs in just two months. After the first two months, my weight gain slowed; but I was bored and on maternity leave so it didn't stop. By the time my leave was up I weighed 210 lbs. My ass was fat and my tits were huge now, but my thighs we're thick, my calves had grown fat again and there was no denying it, I had a gut. I was not the girl Devon had married, but I thought with my ass and tits I the weight looked pretty good on me. I found out the hard way, that Devon disagreed. I caught that fucker cheating on me with his twiggy little assistant. I filed for a divorce immediately.

Six months later everything was settled since Devon had cheated on me, our prenup was voided and I got half of everything in the divorce. Somehow he kept our kid though. I guess it was probably because being a rich 27 year old divorcee teacher is not a situation that screams stability. Either way, I was free of that *** and I was rich to boot.

Getting back on the dating scene was weird though. I had put on 25 more lbs during the divorce. At 235, I still went to running club, but I was with the walkers now. Mostly it was women in there 40s. They offered to set me up with friends, but I really didn't want to date someone 15 years older than me. Instead I wound up hooking up with this 19 year old body builder I met at a bar. Initially, I thought I was the seductive older lady to him, but he made it very clear that I was just for fun and he wanted to fuck a fatty. The sex was amazing though so it turned into a bit of a thing. He liked to stuff me completely full of food, and then fuck my brains out while I squealed like a pig. I stopped thinking about anything else. I didn't even go walk. I put on 65 lbs in two and a half months. It was crazy. My huge ass constantly wobbled behind me, my thighs were as thick as tree trunks, my gut had grown large and my arms were huge. Even my fingers were fat. I think I'd have let it keep going too, but I ran into a friend from the track club at the grocery store who gave me some tough love. She asked me if I remembered how fit and fast I used to be. She challenged me to try walk a lap of the track as fast as I used to run a mile. I was pissed, but I knew I couldn't'. I panicked and cut things off. How had I become a some 19 ear old kids piggy and fuck-toy. It was crazy, he'd made food a critical part of my sex life, but I was determined to lose weight.

I never did lose it though. I went back to track club for literally a day to walk, and I was surprised when I got asked out buy a hunky 30 year old named Dan I'd never really talked to much. I knew if he was asking out a 300 pounder like me, he must like my fat ass. Something about him just made me stop worrying about being fat though. I just ate what I wanted and didn't workout at all. Dan didn't stuff fuck me like my last relationship, but he did ensure I was well fed. I was helpless dating Dan. I wanted him to feed me. My weight slipped up to 350 lbs where it is now. It will probably keep climbing but I don't care. I'm a fatty I guess, and it's not going to change.
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