jamie and ben

chapter 1

As Jamie rolled slowly and with great effort rolled his huge body over in his bed, he
could hear the empty crisp packets and coke bottles fall to the floor. His eyes were still heavy
and blurry from sleeping. He squinted at his mobile - 10:30am. "hmm.. still early" he thought to himself. As he put the phone down, a deep rumbling sound came from within his belly. Still
laying on his side in bed, he reached into the mini fridge next to him and pulled out a handful of
chocolate bars. He didn't stop to choose them - it didn't really matter which ones they were. He
systematically tore the wrappers off each one and shovelled them into his fat face, gulping them
down like his life depended on it, washing them down with a remaining half bottle of coke.

After scoffing down the first thousand calories of the day, he rolled back into the centre
of the bed. His belly was still rippling with motion as he lay there gently panting. Now he had to
gather up all the energy he could, as his next physical challenge was to get out of bed and waddle to the en-suite. It's not something he enjoyed, as it was one of the most exerting things he has to do now.

"OK, here goes.." he whispered to himself. He wobbled his way to the edge of the bed,
not unlike how a walrus moves around. Then he had to negotiate his 5'8" 590lb body into the
sitting position on the edge of the bed. Nearly five minutes had passed to far and he was already
breaking into a sweat, and panting like dog in the sun. The he tried to push himself up to stand.
Three attempts it takes now, then he's on his feet. Once up, he puts his hand on the bedside fridge
and steadies himself, his huge tits and belly swaying from the effort.

He grabs a bag of donuts still on the bed and slowly waddles all 6 paces to the en-suite
bathroom. It takes all the effort he can find to push his huge thunder thighs past each other to try and walk.
He has rolls of fat on his inner thighs, squishing together so that his legs are forced apart at an angle and don't even separate 'til below the knee. His belly apron, hanging half-way down his huge thighs is bouncing off them from side to side. He turns to waddle through the door at a half-sideways angle, because he's too wide to fit through normally, as his huge flabby tit rolls force his soft doughy arms out at an angle.

Once he's in, he waddles another few steps into the shower. He doesn't turn it on, just
grabs hold of the hand rail on the wall to support himself while he catches his breath. As he
stands there gasping, he relaxes to take a piss, letting it trickle out of his small, buried cock,
through his pubic fat roll and down the plug hole in the shower cubicle floor. He glimpses at the
toilet in the corner of the room and tries not to think about that at 22 he's already gotten too fat
for it.

Once done, he turns the shower on and lets the warm water flow over his huge rolls of
blubber surrounding every part of his body. He lifts rolls and folds here and there, letting the
water run through the sweaty creases, but soon tires from the effort. By this time he can feel the aching in his legs. He can't really see them but he can sure feel them as they're trying desperately
to support his huge weight, with virtually no muscle to help out.

He steps outside the shower and lays a huge beach towel on the bench. He grabs another
and pins it under his huge overhanging belly so that it hangs down over his legs. Then he sits his
grossly obese young body on the bench - his ass and thigh fat spreading out, enveloping the
bench. This is enough to give his already swollen ankles and calves a rest from supporting his
weight, and gives him a chance to recover the lost energy from all that exertion with the donuts
he brought in. He wolfs them down so fast, he's gasping for breath between mouthfuls. Then
when they're gone he wipes his sugary sticky fingers over his belly rolls, and follows with a
satisfied belch as his body tries to deal with the onslaught of yet more sugar.

After about ten minutes of resting, Jamie decides he's ready to go back to bed. Dreading
the exertion he takes a deep breath, and tries to push himself up off the bench. After raising his
mountainous lardy body about an inch, he collapses back down on it, panting and sweating. He tries again and fails. Third time lucky he thinks, trying not to get worried, but it's no use, he's too
weak and grossly obese to get to his feet. Starting to get flustered and scared, he takes some more
deep breaths and puts all the effort he can into one last attempt.

Out of sheer nervous energy he manages to get his out of shape blubbery body up and
into motion. Holding on to everything he can find, he waddles his was back to bed, all 6 steps
seeming like an epic trek. Finally he makes it and collapses on to his bariatric bed. He just lays
there for a few minutes as his blubber stops jiggling, gasping for breath and mopping the sweat
off his face. He looks around at the empty food wrappers all around him and at the bed-side
fridge full of more fattening junk, thinking about what he's done to himself. Thinking about how
he's wasted his young life on food, so much that he can barely survive every day life. A tear
rolled down his bloated face as his mind went over what had happened, and the realisation that
even though he knew it was killing him, he couldn't help but reach for more food and start
stuffing his fat face again. He reached his podgy hand into the fridge and grabbed a box of cakes.
Before he knew it, he was cramming them into his mouth, getting cream, jam and crumbs all
over his face, hands and tits all while sobbing to himself. But it wasn't too long before the scare
he'd had, all that exercise, and the ton's of sugar he'd already eaten caused him to fall asleep for a
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nat1114 2 years
Now THIS is what I log on to Fantasy Feeder for. Great work. Keep it up. Make that fat boy GROW.
Masterly 😊
chubette 2 years
Fantastic work! Keep it up!