enema of the female

chapter 1

...merely keeping myself comfortably full sun up to sun down as you have told me to, but this weekend you suddenly showed up on my doorstep in person with an armload of food and supplies. This is a pleasant habit of yours, every month or so taking a weekend off from your tours and babying and playing with me for three or four days.

“Good lord you’re skinny” you always say, sliding your hand under my shirt. I know you’re teasing since I have been steadily gaining at an incredible rate since we met over a year ago thanks to you and your encouragement.

I'm sitting in my wide chair now, my belly sagging over my thighs, and you’re sitting on a stool next to me, spoon feeding me bowl after bowl of a thick gourmet stew of your own recipe. You have the great room warm, the fire going in the fireplace so you can let me feed naked, unrestrained by clothing. I love to please you, eating everything you put in my mouth

It is comfortable sitting here, I love to hold the sides of my now swollen belly, feeling it steadily grow heavier. You only let me up, helping me struggle to my feet when I have to relieve myself.

You wipe my chin as I finish the last of the bowl, and kiss me lightly, massaging my stuffed belly. It's the fourth or fifth bowl of an incredible mix of meats and grains after what seems like a day of endless meals but you ask “Are you still hungry sweetheart?"

"Not really" I say, feeling the tightness of my upper abdomen. "That dish is almost addictive it tastes so good. It feels good to swallow and goes down easy, filling me up without too much discomfort" I groan a little from the weight in my lap and try to spread my legs to make room for this big bag of fat.

You prod my distended gut, and then apparently satisfied, take the empty remains of my meals into the kitchen, giving me time to digest a little. You know too much motion may make all the rich food come back up. You return, and reach out your arms, to help me up. You are wearing a lacy black bra and thong, but over it a light silk robe, since you don't have as many layers of fat as I do to keep yourself warm.

Watching you arouses me, I long to slip your breasts out of the confining bra and caress them with my tongue, but I know you will reward me later with them if I do as you say. I slide forward and let you help me up. The realization that you need to do this is overwhelmingly erotic. I get to my feet, and feel my legs quivering. My gut is huge and distended, just brushing my thighs it is so full of the the huge quantities of food I’ve been fed.

"Mm, look at your heavy belly, that's so hot..." you say. You know I can barely stand, so you kneel down in front of me, kissing and licking my swollen gut.

Your tongue on my sagging underbelly is like a burning ember, slowly tracing the hanging curve of soft fat. I feel your hands slip underneath and I feel a little faint from the sensation. My head spins then regains orientation as you shift your touch along its underside and then up underneath where you know I am most tender.

"Later." you say, as you feel my cock stiffen, and get to your feet, giving my belly a quick rub, before sliding your arm around me so I can rest on your shoulder, watching my gut sway as we walk.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
As always, this story makes me uncomfortable because it really turns me on so much.

You are an excellent writer of erotica, and your stories push my buttons as well as install new ones. Thanks.
Built4com4t 10 years
odd that something so taboo and let's face it...kinky...is so arousing.
Raido 11 years
Very arousing!
14 years
You're teaching me naughty things! Good read though
15 years
that was hott
16 years
As usual, all your stories are worth the look! smiley
16 years
Fantastic... had me held in a constant state of stimulation... damn right.. great story.
Lizzyny 16 years
You really do press the right buttons. Can't wait to begin our story together.