The kingdom of gluttony  

Princess Elena’s kingdom is unique - fat bodies are revered, the kingdom is filled with fats and feeders. When prince Arjun visits the kingdom, her desires get out of control. She needs to be fat, fed like a greedy pig… [EXPLICIT ADULT SCENES AHEAD]   More ▼

Never trust a thin chef

Updated 11/25/23! the cover art is by little_king_terry on tumblr. When a human FFA meets a supersized Tiefling chef, sparks fly! He's always dreamed of a smaller partner to dominate and crush, while she's always dreamed of a man as big as him.   More ▼

Chelsea's infatuation

Jimmy is impressed when he hears that his study partner went out with Chelsea, the hottest girl on campus. But the tale of their failed date only makes him more intrigued. What could be so unattractive about her having such a big appetite?   More ▼

Never make a bet with a demon lord  

In fear of having their entire kingdom lost to the impending war with the forces of the Underworld a Princess and a Queen make a bet with the demon lord. Warning: Contains demons, breast expansion, lactation, inflation, public humiliation, etc   More ▼

No way back

When an ambitious researcher sets off to uncover the mysteries surrounding the isolated civilization of Paruthma island, the young blonde discovers why nobody has ever contacted the island’s natives and escaped to tell the tale.   More ▼

Hunting for pleasure

Complete short. Photo used with permission, see more Nick @tumblr: nito1313; feabie: GodEmperorofCats. A bold Slayer meets an unusual vampire who introduces her to bliss beyond anything she's known. Self-discovery, hedonism, and stuffing! Set ~1900.   More ▼

The secret kink

Here is the story about Pete and Mary, two young people in there middle twenty who started dating. Pete is into feederism will try to slowly turn Mary into a ssbbw feedee despite her wills.   More ▼

Of dowries and double chins  

A plot most fattening is brewing in the Kingdom of Bountia. As King Tract's favor wanes among the nobles, his devious aide proposes marrying off the Princess to a King offering a gem-encrusted waistchain as dowry. She'll need to grow for their gain.   More ▼

A trip in america

This is new story featuring two thin and young protagonists, Lena and Michael. Having recently completed their business school studies, the pair has made plans to embark on a year-long trip. They might indulge in some treats during their travels.   More ▼

Leila's misadventures in the pillory  

A young, slender thief is caught stealing, and is forced to endure the humiliation of being put on display in the town's pillory. But what happens next is far from what she expected...   More ▼
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