Feedee weight gain stories

Rule number one

Jenny is going to feed her first fat guy. But, contrary to her online persona, she now feels shy and nervous to actually be doing this in real life. Luckily, fellow feeder, Vicky, seems to know exactly what to do...   More ▼

The comfort zone

Caroline, a closet bisexual and aspiring feeder, and Jenn, a loyal friend with some self-esteem issues, enter college and attempt to fulfill their differing desires. (Collaboration with berserker1133)   More ▼

Quarantine quadrupling  

(M+F mutual weight gain)Henry takes a register job at the local greasy spoon: the Artery Attacker, where he finds out about the cook, Riley's sinister penchant for fattening her customers and together, they undergo some "growing" pains.   More ▼

Inside the admirer

Anna can't get enough of Bill, her new 400lb boyfriend. But as a slim, athletic girl, she doesn't believe the man's warnings that all of his girlfriends eventually end up getting chubby themselves. Maybe Bill will just have to show her instead...   More ▼

The feeling's mutual

Jessica and Amanda are new roommates making their way in life post college. A spin-off/addition to the Sterling University Universe, watch two alums struggle with their new living arrangements, life-styles, and desires.   More ▼


As her best friend, Katie enjoys helping Hannah secretly overfeed and fatten up her greedy boyfriend. But once her secret is uncovered, Katie may find her own waistline expanding...   More ▼

Flirting with fat

Roxanne is a shameless gold-digger who knows just how to get the fat boys on her side. But as her gifts start rolling in, her own pounds start piling on.   More ▼


Marie has fattened up many men in her time, getting a real kick out of watching them burst out of their clothes. But when she starts dating Kevin, a fellow feeder, Marie may find the tables have been turned.   More ▼

The leprechaun: part 3 of 3  

After a fun day in a 400 lb body, Patrick heads into the second and third day of his feedism wish, knowing the pleasures and pains of weighing 600 lbs and beyond.   More ▼

Grown up

Michaela takes Matt and Mel up on their offer to fill an evening and her stomach together. Will she outgrow her plane seat before she's even boarded for her trip to Europe? Will Matt and Mel be success?   More ▼
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