too big to handle

Megan develops a deep crush for a hot waitress. But soon, the waitress brings her into a whole new world filled with gluttony, lust, and shame. Is this a dream come true or is she becoming too big to handle?more ▼
7 chapters, created 1 month , updated 2 days
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growing for girls

Lucy can't help herself when she meets two girls that help her reach her goals.more ▼
19 chapters, created 2 weeks , updated 1 week
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dream dungeon

One night, Jess dreams of a being chained up in dungeon. There, she learns Her Mistress finds pleasure in her finding pleasure in food. But, as she returns to this dungeon every night in her dreams, every day her real life midsection grows...more ▼
34 chapters, created 1 year , updated 1 month
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l.b.l up

When a teenagers phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.more ▼


the superheavyweight champion

When the GWF's top women's wrestler decides to try something new, she has a year to go up to a mythical weight class. Can she do it and get the gold?more ▼
44 chapters, created 1 year , updated 2 weeks
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my lady’s story

Dark fantasy and magic weight gain. When a girl is sold into servitude to repay a debt she is fattened and increasingly entrapped by her own gluttony.more ▼
19 chapters, created 2 years , updated 2 weeks
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Emily moves to a new town and finds it a bit more than she can handle. Reuploadedmore ▼
14 chapters, created 5 months , updated 2 weeks
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wishing for a better reality

Kylee always felt like an outsider from her own life, but when she wishes for a better reality, She might bite off more than she can chew.more ▼
3 chapters, created 3 weeks , updated 1 week
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revenge of gluttox

The world's unlikeliest heroines gather to stop a massive threat! Will they be able to save the day and their waistlines? ((To celebrate one year of RoG, here's an extra-large update, just for you!))more ▼
37 chapters, created 1 year , updated 11 months
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breaking free

After a life of strict dieting, exercising and cheerleading, the sexy, popular millionaire April decides to break free.more ▼
5 chapters, created 1 month , updated 1 day
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