🍩 repayment in full

When a starving homeless girl is caught robbing a bakery, she's forced to work there for one year to make up for her crime. As she gets to know Frida, the owner's granddaughter, however, she starts working to gain a lot more than just her freedom...more ▼
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Angela was a cute gym trainer who loved her job and body. Unfortunately for her, one of her chubbier students was angry at her arrogance and bitchiness, and decided to take action. (sorry for any mistakes, writing on mobile and english is my third languagmore ▼
7 chapters, created 1 week , updated 5 days
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the next big thing

Raina Ripley is a female fighter who trains at your gym and who you manage as a fighter. She thinks she is the next big thing. She might be. Let's see how her career goes.more ▼
5 chapters, created 3 days , updated 3 days
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too big to handle

Megan develops a deep crush for a hot waitress. But soon, the waitress brings her into a whole new world filled with gluttony, lust, and shame. Is this a dream come true or is she becoming too big to handle?more ▼
25 chapters, created 6 months , updated 1 month
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l.b.l up

When a girls phone downloads a strange magical force. She finds herself with the ability to act out all of her fantasies and bend reality itself. In the process she levies her powers against those she deems undeserving of their slim figures.more ▼


a deal to remember

When Jenny makes a small deal with her lover the effects pay off in a BIG waymore ▼
9 chapters, created 1 month , updated 1 week
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the wrong boat

Belle's parents sent her to a weight loss cruise. A simple mistake then changed Belle's life forever...more ▼
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kia's new fridge

While moving into her friend's old place, she also inherits her old fridge. Soon she'll find out why she wanted to move... This story is my own version of a comic I once read. You can find it here ▼
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saint adephagias university for the heavily gifted

A university prized for the scholars it puts out, this all-girls privatized university will be the background of Audrey's first four years of liberation from her parents. But theres more than meets this eye at this popular college.more ▼
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class cow

One student in their senior year will have their name picked out of a lottery at every school in the nation to gain weight and fall into obesity before they graduate. They must go through monthly weigh ins, measurements, and public humiliation for nine momore ▼