"for you my dear, i

chapter 1: life spared

"For you my dear, I'll spare his life", spat the Sultan in disgust. He'd never liked Renee, not one bit. He was a pretty little rich boy from America. It wasn't that Jakr dislike Americans or westerners, quite the opposite. He was happy for his daughter to go to America as he's suspected that she might be a lesbian. Even as Sultan, he wouldn't be able to protect her from his subject's backward views on sexuality. He was even elated he received an email that she would be staying in America after completing college to marry a young American boy.

Immediately upon arrival Jakr could see what she liked about the waiflike Renee. Besides being so thin and tall he was extremely handsome, almost too handsome in the eyes of Jakr. His delicate features, long neck, and remarkably small waist gave Renee an almost androgynous appearance. At there first meeting at the airport, Jakr remarked about the softness of Renee's hands, much to Amira's dismay.

Quietly Jakr thought to himself maybe Amira didn't really love him, but was marrying this "girly man" just because he reminded her of what she truly desired, women. But even Jakr had to admit, there was one flaw in his reasoning, Renee was effeminate alright, but way too thin for his daughter's taste in women.

Back in their home country, he'd caught his teenaged daughter several times making out with several of their female servants. Jakr's late wife was a huge 500lb beauty that he absolutely adored. After her death he asked his female servants to all gain weight to honor his dearly departed. The gold he offered for their gain helped them both to gain and maintain the beautiful type of body he came to adore over the years.

Eventually mourning gave way to the carnal pleasures of all their zaftig bodies surrounding him. So when he caught Amira with several of his largest concubines, he wasn't surprised. What did surprise him was her pick in men.

First of all, Jakr, thought that Amira came to America to live her life with women, not men. And he fully expected her to have hooked up with a beautiful fat lesbian. But instead she picked a scrawny sissy boy. Jakr never could bring himself to actually like the boy but he tolerated him out of love for his only child Amira.

However, that all changed a couple of days before the wedding when Amira came to her father sobbing uncontrollably. She came home early to surprise Renee only to be surprised herself seeing him thrusting himself into the backside of his very fat and bottom heavy secretary from the office. Amira stiffled her desire to scream as she left furiously for her father's hotel room.

Immediately upon hearing of Renee's treachery Jakr ordered his men retain the boy and to be brought before he and his first born. Within minutes, Renee was thrown into the room hog tied and with a blindfold over his eyes.

When the bag was removed, it revealed Renee's bloodied and bewildered face. As his eyes adjusted Renee's bewilderment turned to fright as he looked up to see pain in his Fiance's swollen eyes and hate a malace in Jakr's. Next he noticed the large and curved sword in the older man's hands. He was about to scream in panic before Jakr spoke.

With tears of hatred in his eyes Jakr stared at Renee, one fist with a white knuckled grip on his swords blade. After breaking his malicious gaze, he looked over at his sobbing daughter, paused, and then spoke as if chewing through glass, "For you my dear, I'll spare his life".

Amira fell to her father's knees and kissed the top's of his feet.

"Th..thank you" blurted out the Renee .

Standing erect with fury, Jakr strode over, scimitar in hand. Renee tried to scury away only to be hurled inches away from Jakr's gleaming blade.

"I'll do anything. I promise. Just let me live. I love your daughter and want to spend the rest of my life with her. Please, I made a huge mistake, I'll do whatever you want, I promise", groveled Renee with clasped hands outstretched as in prayer.

Coming out of the darkness, emerged Amira. Her face still beautiful but swollen from hours of uncontrollable sobbing. With fire in her eyes and steel in her voice she said, "No, you'll DO EVERYTHING I say, or you'll die!"

Immediately, a very big man standing behind Renee came down on the back of his head, instantly knocking him unconscious.

.............................. ........................................
Renee woke surprisingly refreshed, he yawned and stretched out on the biggest and most luxurious bed he'd ever seen. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed his beautiful bride to be across the room in a French maid' s outfit accentuated by a small strap on dildo. "Kinky" he thought, allowing himself to grow below, that is before he remembered what had just happened. Fear coursed through his veins as Amira seductively sauntered over while pushing a large food cart over to the bed.

"What's going on?" Renee thought to himself while looking about the room for Jakr's hired thugs, but his senses provided no evidence for his fears.

In a cold and even tone Amira inquired, "You're probably wondering what's happening to you right now, right?"

Renee could only manage to nod in response. He was terrified and his throat felt extremely dry and sore.

Amira's mouth transformed into a wolfish smile before saying, "This is your punishment you silly girl"
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