"new beginnings, where we make your dreams come true"

chapter 1

As the sedative kicked in, Jay Parsons could here New Begginings' jingle playing over the intercom with a gospel singer belting out, "...where we make your dreams come true"? Jay had no idea what to expect, but thier revolutionary technology, scanned your mind, and "viola", when you woke up, you had the body and life you always most disired.

He had heard of cases going madly wild, but in the long run, it was always proven in court that the plaintiffs actually got exactly what they wanted, even if that was embarrassing. The most common occurances were gender switching and extreme penis enlargements, but overall their track record was damned good. Besides, Jay knew people that had personally undergone the procedure, and all had raved about it, in particular with regards to the sex lives.

One such person was Brent in accounting. The guy simply couldn't stop gushing on about how life changing it was, needless to say, he didn't really have to say a word. All the proof was in the pudding. Brent went in a middle aged corporate chubster and somehow came out apparently 10 years younger and with a rock hard body. Even his girlfriend looked hot these days, losing weight, while gaining shape and muscle tone.

"Well, there was no going back now", told Jay to himself as he felt himself going under, listening to the jingle over and over, until .............

***************************** ***********

When Jay woke up, he groggily remembered going to the New Begginings facility, but looking around, mayb he hadn't. Bleary eyed, he slowly began to notice that he was back in his own bed, in his own home "Maybe that was all a dream", he told himself as he pulled the covers back over his head.

"Come on sleepy head, it's time for our new lives to begin said Roxy, his steady girlfriend of three years.

"Ugh, okay", whined Jay with a new and feminine voice. Startled by his own feminine sounding reply, he tried to shoot straight up, but there must have been a pillow in the way or something. It wasn't until he tried a third time that Jay realized that it wasn't a pillow but a pillowy soft tum tum that was getting in the way.

"What the fuck he yelled at the top of his lungs as he peered down to look at his chubby belly only to have to look around a huge set of knockers.

"Oh my god", this must be a nightmare" yelled the still covered Jay. "I'm a fat...", he reached down below and felt no penis, just a wet and pulsing vagina, ".... woman", he cried out.

"Oh stop being a baby about it, you got exactly what you wanted", said Roxy.

Jay pulled back the cover and was greeted by the shock of his life. His once scrawny girlfriend, that brought to mind the terms "toothpick" and "Olive Oil" was completely transformed. Gone was her bony hips, replaced with luxuriously and sensual hips. Her now dangling D cups along with a relatively slim waist when compared with her hips gave Roxy a somewhat thick yet extremely curvy hourglass figure. The dramatic change was heightened by the fact that Roxy was wearing a yellow bikini outfit from before her "new beginning".

The stretchy material dug into Roxy's new and softened flesh, accentuating her new ample and feminine form. Her belly still relatively small when compared to the rest of her was soft and her pudge obscured her entire abdominal region. Roxy now had the thick milf body that he was so afraid to admit that he truly desired.

"Ta-Da", said Roxy before giving a twirl and then grabbing her now long brown hair and said, "So what do you think?"

Jay could feel his pussy growing wetter and wetter by the second, his whole body stirred with passion. "I think you look absolutely beautiful", said Jay in his new high pitched tone.

"So why'd you never tell me?", questioned Roxy.

"Tell you what? Just look at us? Well, I can understand", said Roxy sympathetically, "Its okay hun, I know that admitting this to me or anyone else would have been hard, but....", she paused, waking her sexy form over to Jayde. "... but now we have a new beginning Jayde"

"Jayde?", asked Jay.

"Yeah, now that's your new name, Jayde Parsons. It's all part of our new beginning.

"Yeah," said Jayde, "I think you look real sexy. GOD!!!! I'm so fucking wet! I'm so tuned on everywhere right now!", half panted, half yelled Jayde, as she groped at her girlfriends softened frame. Both moaned in pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmm, but how am I supposed to please you?" stammered Jayde, "I've never had lesbian sex before. I'm not sure what to do without a dick"

"But you still have your dick", said Roxy aroused and with a crimson face. Jayde had no idea what she was talking about. Then the riddle was answered with one hard thrust from Roxy's thick, long, and throbbing cock into Jayde's soft and sensitive belly.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm", moaned Jayde, "Fuck, I want it so badly, FUCK ME!", she yelled while grabbing at her own girlfriend's now sizable ass.

Backing away, Jayde could see the outline of her former cock, now Roxy's, throbbing through the front of her bikini. Awkwardly, yet aggressively Roxy stroked her new found friend.

Just then, Jayde's belly let out a loud cry of protest. "Mmmmmmmmmm", moaned Roxy, still playing with her swollen dick. "Oh, I'm gonna give it to you. Give it to you good, butt first, I wanna do something else.

"Ok, ok, but I'm so turn on, so wet, please? Anything!
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