Alternative reality chamber

Chapter 1 - jake and the chamber

Life on the space station was difficult, with loneliness and 2 year tours Jake had a serious case of cabin fever. The money was good though and SpaceInc! had great benefits. There were only a few women on the station and they were athletic, fit and often did not want to get involved sexually. And Jake liked fat girls, so he did not want to get involved with them. Then one day a major project was started to boost retention, under the direction of a French professor, Dr. Gourmond. He was building "alternative reality chambers" on the station for employee morale purposes. The professor stated that these chambers could take you real time to mountain climbing, deep sea diving, motocross, and, also sex with a what he called a "semi-being." The professor said you would never know the difference between real sex and sex with a semi-being, it would be nearly perfect for the participant Complete alternate reality with voice commands. And, best of all in Jake's mind, you could customize your sexual partner to whatever fetish you had. The professor stressed that the semi-being sex computer program was VERY specific and every possible need could be satisfied.

Jake could not wait till it was his turn in one of the chambers, it took one week for his number to come up. Some guys had gone fishing, some had hunted deer and they said it was unbelievably real. More chambers were being constructed, but for now there were only a few. He entered the chamber and the door hissed shut behind him. He was in complete silence in a room surrounded by mirrors. A pleasant female voice then said, "Please state the purpose of your fantasy visit." Jake said, "Uh, sex." The sexy voice asked, "Will your partner be a man or woman?" "Woman," Jake answered quickly. "Age, complexion and hair type please," asked the voice patiently. "25 years old, white, and bleach blonde," Jake stated. Suddenly, about 10 feet before him on some kind of circular grid a generic female shape appeared out of nowhere. "Height and weight please, and what clothing," the voice prompted. "Uhh, 5foot 6 inches and 350 pounds, and wearing a very tight red bikini," Jake said nervously. After a few seconds the voice asked, "Pear shaped or heavy in the belly?" Jake quickly said, "Very soft and heavy in the belly, rolls not pot belly and saggy medium breasts! Belly hanging over the bikini not held within it," not believing his good fortune. The generic figure now took on the specific shape of a fat girl of his desired dimensions. "You are very specific Jake. Now, any special requests regarding the body type?," the voice prodded. Jake was amazed at this experience, "Uhhh, hanging soft double belly, bottom roll hanging just above the knees, hanging belly split into 2 lobes just below the belly button, fat jelly thighs, huge shelf ass covered with cellulite..." "WAIT for processing," demanded the voice, "Too much input." The generic female form now took on an amazingly real shape and form before his eyes. The woman's huge double belly flopped down just above her knees, both lobes of soft fat below her belly button hanging low and full. The woman looked very heavy and very real. Jake had a raging hard on - he was stroking. "Continue," said the voice. "Double chin, lips fat full and ruby red, and make her look super hillbilly trashy, with very white pasty skin, lots of cellulite and a couple tattoos." The double chin and almost translucsent white skin mottled with cellulite appeared on the semi-being. "What art for the tattoos?" asked the voice. "Uhhh, make one read 'Jake' on her right tit, and the other tattoo read "fat girl," put the 'fat girl' one on the front of her left lower belly split lobe." "As you wish," deadpanned the voice. Jake walked around to the back of the semi-being and said, "Can you put some fat rolls at her knees, make her thighs softer and jigglier, add some back fat rolls, also add a tramp stamp that says on her butt shelf that says 'I am a needy fat piggy'." "Completed," said the voice. "Make her very, very self conscious about her weight too, and very needy and moody. Like she has been humiliated" Jake added. "Done," said the voice.
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Chubbybellytoy 10 years
thats an awesome story. could he come back and create another girl, one with a potbelly instead?