Another day another pound

Chapter 1

Brie was so excited. She had been selected in the mall for a plus sized mmodeling job and it turned out to be even better than that. The company was sending her to a tropical island, all expenses paid, and, they were paying her to gain weight! "HA!" she said to herself, "I have been doing just that for free for years, ever since Donnie left me!" The firm was going to pay her 1,000 British pounds for each pound of weight she gained. "Wish I had found them sooner," thought the 190 pound, 25 year old blonde Brie, grabbing her belly roll and noticing her pants were yet again tight, "Who cares, now I can make some real money!"

Brie was flown first class to somewhere in the Caribbean, and was told to bring no clothes or other items. "All will be provided for you my dear," said the matronly voice on the phone, "You won't fit in them for long anyway!"

When she got off the plane a limo driver was there with her name card, and the names of three other girls. The other girls were there and were of varying size, one was quite a bit heavier than Brie, particularly in the hips, and the other 2 had muffin tops and large breasts. They talked excitedly about making cash while drinking the beer provided by the driver. The driver said, "You are going to love this place - all you can eat, a spa, and you get paid!

Upon arrival at the resort they were ushered into a lush garden atrium and given champagne. A large, expensively dresed man in a summer suit came out and said, "Welcome! I am Divac - You have complete freedom here to do just about whatever you want. All food, drink and clothing are free - I love to see fat women, and I love to create them. You will be paid 1,000 British pounds for every pound of weight you gain. The rules are: 1) You must always wear a bikini and your belly must never be inside the bikini if it is too big, overhang is always required, 2) You will be weighed and measured each morning by me, 3) At 200 pounds actual weight you get a 10,000 pound bonus,4) At 300 pounds actual weight you get a 100,000 pounds bonus, 5)See me for gains beyond that!, 6) There is no exercising allowed, 7) Each day after our massive midday meal there is a required 3 hour Siesta to make sure all of your calories end up in the right places. Enjoy!"

Brie and the others were led to an area where they were weighed and measured and fitted in personalized tight bikinis. Brie was right, the heavy hipped girl was 220 pounds. The other two were around 150 pounds. "You have a lot of potential," said Divac greedily, eyeing Brie's roll and patting it softly causing it to jiggle, "Eat up and make lots of money!"

Brie headed straight for a wonderful smelling pizza buffet and began to count her cash as she stuffed down piece after piece. The buffet room was filled with fat women, ranging from obvious "newbies" with just the "freshman 15" to large, bejeweled waddling, rippling women in bikinis with belly fat bags hanging down to their knees. One such 30-ish blonde woman, with a hanging belly so large it had creased under her navel and essentially split into 2 mottled fat bags, came up to Brie and said, "Hi I'm Cathy, Divac told me to look after you. I am 150 pounds into this and looking for more. Here honey, drink some of this, its a heavy cream weight gain shake - does wonders for the figure, and the bank account." Brie gulped it down and thought about the new big screen she would buy!
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Jazzman 13 years
Damn this is good! And with your great way with words-it could just keep on re-cycling for a good while and not get boring at all! Terrific!