Army weight control officer

Chapter 1 - the new weight control officer

A new Army Officer gets all the strange and undesireable jobs - just ask Lt. Joe. He was assigned to Ft. Hood, TX as the new weight control officer, in addition to his other many duties. The Army weight control officer uses Army Regulation 600-9, which governs how fat Army personnel can be, to regulate the weight of Army personnel. Weigh-ins are conducted periodically, and if a soldier is over the prescribed limit, measurements are taken of the body to determine if indeed the solider is too fat. Female soldiers are measured at the neck, waist and hips and calculations are made to determine if they are too fat for Army standards.

Lt. Joe arrived for duty one morning at the 180th Medical Corps Nursing Brigade barracks at Ft. Hood, TX, and was assigned as, among other additonal duties, Weight Control Officer. His new Commander, CPT Felton, had little use for overweight soldiers. "Joe," said Felton, a marathon runner and fitness freak, "Most of our nurses are too fat, and we need to reduce the force - get rid of the fatties!" Lt Joe repied, "Yes Sir," and got to work.

His first interview of an overweight soldier was Alicia Brown, a black non-commissioned officer E6 who had a huge asss and thunder-thighs. She was clearly too fat and her army uniform hardly hid the extra pounds she was carrying. "Hello Sir," she said waddling in with her saddlebag thighs and asss shaking under her battle dress uniform.

"Hello Sgt. Brown, have a seat," said Lt. Joe, "Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes Sir," she said, "I failed the weigh in."

"Right," said Lt. Joe, "And the required body measurements by female Sgt. Jones showed you are in violation of AR 600-9, thus you cannot leave the Army this month."

"Damn Sir, I was counting on leaving the Army to take care of my 2 daughters and not get deployed again to Afghanistan," said Alicia.

"Well you can always appeal the ruling to the Brigade Weight Control Officer - me," said Joe, "And I have always liked big girls...." he added rubbing her fattened thigh, "How about we discuss it this evening over drinks??... "Why didn't you say so Sir?," said Alicia who left smiling and prepped for their meeting later.
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Soylentlilac 11 years
This would make sense with a slight adjustment: the woman is BELOW the weight threshold that would get her kicked out, and wants to fatten up to escape deployment. Probably wouldn't work IRL, but what the hey.
Td0057 11 years
She failed so she can't leave the Army? Story has potential though..