Fat hair affair

Chapter 1 - Honey catches his eye

Time for another boring haircut, off to Super Style. In I go. Hold up.., the new blondie girl (25?) has got some big time extra weight on her, and she is alone today, and look who is next for her to cut...me! A pair of those black slacks and a loose sweater certainly can't hide the fact that she has a big soft belly and big tits, she bends to sweep up the hair from the last customer and a tramp stamp tattoo "HEAVY GIRL" is revealed over her very wide, milky white butt. A real soft heavy girl, at 5'6" and probably 300. Real slow moving, in flip flops. Heavy. Chewing gum. I think this will be a great haircut.

She smells great with cheap perfume and has dimples and a double chin. Her hips seem in constant contact with me as she cuts my hair since she is very wide. I smile and make small talk, trying not to stare at the belly apron bulge hidden below the waistline inside those very tight slacks. She sees me looking in the mirror and I try to play it off... does not work - she knows I was looking at her belly rolls and smiles at me. Boner. I am busted and blush. Very, very soft midsection, still showing big under that sweater. Thighs rub in the slacks. She blushes when I mention she is new and the best looking girl there. Her name is Honey. No mention of a boyfriend. No ring. New in town at the local college. Rubs my head slowly with "product" after cutting. Gives me her cell number and I promise to call. She smiles a knowing smile and says "See you soon I hope, I get off at 6 tonite." Another smile.

Counting the minutes till 6. I make an excuse to get out of the house to call her. "C'mon over here's the address," she says, "Bring wine." I say "OK" and jump in the car.

I arrive at the cheap apartment complex and try to act cool - wine in hand. Knock on the door - she opens it and is wearing a lounge outfit. Just a bit too small, shows the belly apron and her side rolls well. We talk a bit. Have wine. She finishes one bottle. Looks for more. Likes to drink.

"So you like big girls?" she says smiling. "Was I that obvious?", I say. "Well, you couldn't take your eyes off my tummy, not too many guys stare there," she laughs. She slips off the lounge top and reveals the treasure trove for me, a soft hanging belly, wih 3 large rolls, a deep belly button, and the apron covering her kitty. "See, I have really big tummy." she says reaching out and pulling me close to her with her fat arms. The roly poly tub of belly goo hanging over her panties squishes against me as we embrace. I am excited. "You like my big tummy don't you?," she says noticing my big boner. "I like guys who like my fat - Let's fix that boner. I like it on top."

On the bed, she climbs on top of me huffing and puffing from the exertion. The pile of belly goo, the product of gallons and gallons of ice cream, thousands of chocolate bars, pizza, booze and heaps of french fries, is laying on my chest right in front of my face and I kiss it and fondle it, also fondling her big tits hanging down. In I go. Wet, warm, deep. Grab the side rolls, grab the belly, oh fantastic soft fat out of shape woman. The apron surges back and forth as she bucks up and down, gasping, red faced. Sweating, fluids everyehere - the joys of a big fat woman. She comes, I make it even better and longer with my hand. I explode inside her, emptying myself, pumping. We lay spent and happy. I squeeeze her fat rolls. She smiles and says, "Got my man now!."

2 years have passed and my girlfriend Honey is fatter than ever. Belly to the knees, face, arms and butt fatter than ever and she still cuts my hair. Meets me by the door in a much larger lounge outfit or bikini every day and I empty my self inside her every day. I pay the apartment and buy her clothes and goodies, whatever she wants. We weigh her in weekly. She works as little as posible and mostly lays around watching TV and eating. We celebrated her 400 with a DQ ice cream cake today. "Got my man" she said again today before mounting me.
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