Klauss' next experiment part 3

Chapter 1 - amys discovery

Amy's walk to her internship was usually a short one. Truth be told, it really wasn't any longer, but it definitely felt that way to her. Ever since she set foot outside her door, Amy was aware of a growing warmth between her legs. For whatever reason she was still horny beyond reason despite the epic bean-flicking she had given herself not even an hour ago. Not only that, but the new-found tightness in her skirt (despite the stretchy waist) was a discomfort she was not used to and the fact that it existed at all was a bit embarrassing to her.
How had she let herself gain weight? She was always so careful about what she ate and she made sure to exercise whenever time allowed. What's more, how had she only noticed her weight gain today? Had she simply been blocking out the fact that her clothes were getting tighter until she was literally unable to put them on anymore? No. Amy was convinced her clothes had fit just fine until today. Something else was going on. Maybe it was just bloating and she'd be better in a day or two. Either way, Amy decided that she would have to nip this thing in the bud before it got any worse. Starting today, she was going to be stepping up her workout routine. Now, if only she could figure out why she was so damn horny.
By the time Amy made it to the building, she could barely even keep track of her surroundings. More than once now, she had considered just bolting to a bathroom and furiously masturbating until she was finally satisfied, but she needed to make sure she did a good job at this internship and showing up late because she needed a few minutes to rub herself off wasn't a good way to make a good impression. Her desire for a good review got her to her desk at least. But that was about all it would be doing for her. Through unheard-of willpower, Amy was just barely able to keep herself from masturbating right there at her desk. She held no hope of concentrating on her work at all.
Five minutes went by at her desk and she was just about to let go and take care of business, but a fist knocking on her desktop saved her from herself - at least for the time being.
"Hey, Amy. Something wrong? You look a little out of it."
Amy was pulled abruptly back into her environment and realized with shocked horror how close she came to making a spectacle of herself in front of god and everybody. She looked up to see her savior. It was Mark, the handsome floor manager and her acting boss for her internship. Mark had been nice to Amy ever since she was recruited and had made a point of taking her under his wing. He was just a few years older than her and she could tell that he liked her. The guy was just too professional to do anything about it, despite Amy's infrequent flirting attempts.
"Sorry, Mark. I'm actually feeling a little weird today." It was through herculean effort that Amy was able to speak coherently at all. If she had a tiny crush on Mark before, her now raging hormones were urging her to fly into a lecherous lunge at the man.
"Hmm, you have seemed a little stressed lately. Tell you what, why don't we take a quick trip to my office and you can blow off a little steam in private." Mark gave her a good-natured smile that almost had her tearing his and her clothes off right there. "I promise, I'm a good listener."
Amy barely stammered out "Ok," and followed Mark on shaking legs to his office. When the two were in, Mark closed and locked the door. He guided Amy to a chair and then propped himself in front of her on the edge of his desk.
"So, what's the problem, Amy?"
Amy was shaking, her impulse to rush Mark only just contained. She bit her lip and clenched her fists. She saw Mark's go from open to concerned. He knelt down in front of her and put his hand on her knee. "Amy, you're starting to scare me. Come on tell me what's -"
Mark was unable to finish his sentence. Before he could Amy had grabbed him and locked her lips with his. At first Mark's surprise caused him to try and pull away, but soon he melted into the kiss and then he was kissing back.
All the while, Amy was doing her best to rip Mark's clothes from his body. She had him completely naked before he could even object. She stripped off her own clothes just as fast and could feel Mark's rock-hard cock pressed against her. Just the feel of it drove her more wild. There was no need for foreplay; Amy needed that dick inside of her now.
In one swift motion, Amy had Mark on the floor and herself fully straddled on top of him. His member was already inside of her and it was the most intense feeling Amy had ever had. Her hips gyrated on top of his seemingly of their own volition. The feeling inside her intensified and Amy brought herself to the first orgasm of that session. Many more followed and in the waves of euphoria that enveloped her, Amy was unaware of the changes that were taking place all over her body. Oh yes, she could see her breasts expanding and jiggling more and more with each thrust of her hips, but she couldn't quite register that as being her body. She could feel the increasing jiggling sensation in her belly as it continued to grow, but she paid no attention to it. She could feel Mark's hands being pushed away by her ass flesh as it expanded ever outward, but he didn't seem to be complaining so why should she? All that mattered to her was the mounting pleasure of each new orgasm.
Amy came to the apex of her most crashing one yet when Mark had finally been brought to his limit. He gave a low moan as he blew his load inside of her. Amy continued grind on him until his erection could no longer be sustained. Finally, she fell off of him into a much larger heap on the floor. She would have passed out, but she felt something alarming when she hit the ground. Her entire body jiggled. Barely catching her breath, she tried to sit up, but found herself unable to. She looked at what parts of her body she could see, and the reality of what had happened to her began to sink in. In a panic, she was able to force herself into a sitting position. and take a full survey of the damage. Her breasts, one pert C cups were now at the least small Es and they had taken on a sagging quality she had never expected to see in them. Her belly was now quite the sight as well. It had been a little soft with a hint of a bulge when she had dressed herself that morning, but now it was undeniably flabby and was contending decently with her breasts for the most prominent feature of her body. It divided itself into two rolls and was spreading out into her lap now. Speaking of her lap, her thighs were now at least twice the size they used to be. Whatever tone that had been left to them this morning was completely gone. Amy experimentally grabbed one and shook it. She was almost mesmerized by the way it jiggled.
Amy forced herself to stand up and then grabbed her ass. Sure enough, that too was now way bigger than she remembered it being. She squeezed it and was surprised to see how soft and pliant her butt cheeks had become. She shook her ass around a bit and was surprised to find that she kind of liked the jiggling sensation.
Then Amy looked at the mirror that Mark kept hung up on his wall. She saw how her face had changed; how her cheeks were forming the beginnings of jowls and she now had the start of a double chin. Her cheeks made her Asian eyes look that much more squinty and her lips now seemed to be a little fuller.
Amy knew she should be horrified at what had happened to her, but for some strange reason she wasn't. She was surprised, to say the least, but not devastated. After all that time and effort she had put into being thin, she never even stopped to consider how beautiful she might look with a little extra weight. Hell, there was no "little bit" about it. She must have just gained fifty pounds at the very least. Even so, she had to say it looked pretty good on her.
Mark, who had been laying in a near coma until then finally stirred. "Oh my god," he said as he slowly stood himself up.
Amy turned around to see Mark standing in all his naked glory. He took a few tentative steps toward her, his eyes wide and disbelieving. In a shy manner that Amy found adorable, Mark stretched out his hand and cupped her belly with it. He took another step toward her and put his other hand on her waist. Mark pulled her in and the two shared a passionate kiss. Amy could already feel her vagina starting to moisten again.
Mark pulled away from her and stared for a moment into her eyes. "How," he asked. "How did this happen? You're so-"
"Fat?" Amy's enchantment with herself broke at that moment and it occurred to her that Mark might not find her so attractive anymore. Tears began to well up in her eyes as she realized how stupid she was for thinking she was pretty at all now. But Mark brushed her tears away with a gentle swipe of his thumb.
"I was going to say beautiful."
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You certainly have an interesting style. If you want to draw some stuff for my stories, more power to ya.