Klauss' next experiment

Chapter 1 - the new subject

Klauss' heart went out to Julie. Within the span of a day, the poor girl had gone from stick-thin to impossibly fat. When Klauss had finally managed to weigh her, he found her weight to be 543 lbs (a gain of 433 lbs in less than 24 hours). Such a drastic change, and all thanks to whatever secrets his own semen was hiding.
Since the day Julie hit that mark, her weight had not increased again. After all, her stomach was far too large to allow her hands where they needed to go to make her larger. A mixed blessing, Klauss supposed, but it was still proving to be quite an ordeal for Julie. Unable to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite, the girl seemed to be in a constant, agonizing state of arousal. It was a wonder she hadn't lost her mind already.
Seeing her like that, Klauss decided he would do what he could to reverse what he had done to Julie, but therein lied a dilemma. Klauss was now about at the end of his rope as far as drawing any new data from Julie went. He had done extensive blood work on her and had studied multiple scrapings of her vaginal wall -- not to mention many samples of his own semen. He had found many interesting results. He now knew that his semen, for whatever reason caused vaginal tissue to grow new nerve endings. These new nerve endings, in addition to increasing the sex-drive of the subject also released a curious protein when stimulated. This protein went straight to the woman's fat cells and caused them to multiply rapidly.
This was all very interesting data, indeed, but it did not tell Klauss how to fix the problem and there were still too many variables to consider for Klauss to even begin thinking of an antidote. The cold, hard fact of the matter was that the only to continue with this experiment was to find a new test subject. This, of course presented many practical and moral problems.
Klauss already felt bad enough about what he had done to Julie. The thought of doing it to another woman was deplorable. On the other hand, if he did nothing, he would never be able to right his original wrongs. There was no choice. Klauss had to find another woman to do this to. He resigned himself to it and decided that he would just have to try and fix the next woman in addition to Julie after he was done with her. Hopefully he would only need one more subject. Of course Klauss knew in his heart of hearts that this was very unlikely.
Klauss went to his office and started rummaging through various personal files to begin his search for his next subject.
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Kamina 11 years
I like the depth you've given Klauss with how yes, he has to have sex to eventually cure Julie, but at the same time he feels guilt over it.
Kakahi 11 years
Great story! I like the inner conflict that Julie expressed during her weight gain. I am also interested in seeing how Amy responds to the experiment if her story is exactly like Julie's or not, hopefully different. I really enjoyed the story so far, I can only hope to see more soon!
Nok 11 years
You're an awesome writer.