Klauss's next experiment part 5

  By Shadowtower

Chapter 1 - klauss gamble

Amy barely fit into the clothes that Klauss had brought, but for their need, it would suffice. He only had to get the two of them out to the car without causing a scene. Klauss had pulled quite a stunt before entering Mark's office. He had given the whole building the day off; playing up the whole eccentric yet benevolent billionaire act - quite nicely too, he thought. Benevolence was not his agenda, though. Getting Mark and Amy out of the building without anyone seeing them was. Now he had them in the limo, the window to the driver rolled up - although Klauss trusted his driver and butler to keep things quiet, he felt it was necessary to keep up the whole cloak and dagger routine for dramatic effect. The more off-balance he kept Mark and Amy, the more likely he was to make them believe his stories.
"I'm sorry for all the mystique, but I had to get you two out of there quick. I only hope my clean up crews can salvage this mess before it gets out of hand."
"Clean up crews?" Mark sounded very alarmed.
"Yes. You see there was an unfortunate accident in one of my labs, or perhaps one might call it a lapse in judgement. A disgruntled employee - a developing chief for a project I had scrapped - decided it was a good idea to steal the fruits of his labor in an act of vendetta against me."
"I'm afraid I don't follow."
"The project was for a weight loss product; something that if completed as desired would have produced a pill that could instantly boost metabolism and turn the ingestor's body info a fat-burning machine. The project produced unsatisfactory results. The latest attempt actually had the exact opposite effect with some other rather unusual side-effects as well. After seeing what it did to our lab rats I canned the project then and there. The project head objected, said he could figure what was going wrong and fix it. I told him I wouldn't take any chances with a product that could potentially hurt people. I told him take a little R and R, go on vacation somewhere. He took it the wrong way; thought I was implying he was fired." Klauss sighed for dramatic effect. He had never been much into drama, but thought he could win an Oscar for the performance he was giving right now. "I really did want to let the guy just relax. Failure's a part of the job; I don't just can any of employees who produce unsuccessful products. Anyway, what I had intended was irrelevant. The hard fact is that my renegade project head sought revenge. Not just on me, but on my company. He found an employee of mine to slip the drug to. I was trying to find out since yesterday who he might have given it to and was about to give up hope until I found you two on a random security sweep I decided to check. My cams showed me two of my employees seeking a bit of extracuricular activity." Klauss gave Mark a snide smirk. "Not something I'm unused to seeing surprisingly. I didn't think it would be so common until I decided to start monitoring some of my own surveilance footage every now and then. No, I wasn't surprised to see you two making the beast with two backs, but I was surprised at what was happening to Amy. The symptoms matched exactly what was in the report for the failed product. This unfortunate compound has the effect of pushing a person's sex drive into overload and any sexual stimulation causes immediate weight gain. That is what's been happening to Miss Sagaki here." Klauss pointed to Amy noticing that she was lost in some daze of sexual desire. The entire time he'd been talking, she'd only been losing more focus on her surroundings. Klauss suspected her vagina was the only thing she was focused on at this point. He noticed her hands straying to her crotch every now and then. Klauss guessed she must have possessed quite the iron will to stop herself from indulging.
"I'm sure you can appreciate my position now, Mr. Stein. I'd like to avoid this going public if I can. I understand the two of you may want to press charges. If that's the case, I'll drive you to the nearest police station and you can file your case. But before you tell me your answer I want you to know that I want nothing more than to help Amy recover from this. I have instructed my driver to take us to a facility I own supplied with the highest quality medical equipment and the brightest mind to research the problem: my own."
"That's quite a story, Mr. Klauss. But why shouldn't I just ask you to take Amy and I to the police station and then get Amy to a normal hospital?"
"Because I don't think a normal hospital has any chance of making Amy better. This substance, while a failure, is quite impressive nonetheless. It actually changes the ingestor's DNA, something not easily accomplished and almost impossible to reverse. But if anyone can cure it, I believe I can."
Mark took a concerned look at Amy. "And what if she doesn't want to be cured?"
Klauss frowned. "Excuse me? Why wouldn't she?"
"I don't think she can answer for herself right now, but just before you came into the office, she was telling me how much she liked what was happening to her. She thought she looked gorgeous."
"Another side-effect of the drug. I'm not quite sure how it works yet, but the drug also seems to give its users a primal, almost instinctual urge to make themselves fatter. I wouldn't be surprised if Amy's appetite were to start increasing soon as well. The rats who ingested the compound started eating and mating ravenously. They seemed to want nothing more than to keep gaining more weight. I'm sure if Amy had not taken the drug, the idea of gaining weight, especially this much would likely disgust her."
"And you say this because you know her?"
"Not very well, but I did my homework on the way over here. I know you do. I think you know Miss Sagaki very well. Tell me, would the Amy you've known up till now willingly fatten herself up?"
Mark was silent for a moment then reluctantly answered, "No."
"Like I said, Mr. Stein; Mark. I only want to help - and to keep this matter quiet if I can. I want to make Miss Sagaki well again. Not only her, but you as well."
Mark didn't respond with words. Only a startled, desperate look.
"I wouldn't be too concerned yet. The tests on this particular matter are still inconclusive, but there is a slight possibility that you may have been affected in some way by having sexual contact with Miss. Sagaki. Call me crazy, but it looked like you were enjoying what was happening to her as well, correct."
Mark blushed a bright shade of red and only gave an embaressed nod.
"As I said, Amy's DNA is now programmed so that she wishes to be obese. The way we change DNA is with a retrovirus, a retrovirus that may have the capability of spreading to others. Now, it doesn't have the exact affect on males. I don't believe you'll be gaining weight like Miss Sagaki any time soon, but you may also have been infected if you will by the desire to see Amy grow fatter. The desire in you is likely as strong as her own, I'd imagine."
Mark was silent for a moment then blushed again. "I think I have to argue with you on that one, Mr. Klauss. You see, I've always been attracted to big women. Amy was a bit of an exception this time, but when I saw her start to grow in front of my eyes, I just lost all control. It was like a dream come true to me. Hell, just the little bit of weight I saw she had gained before we even started making love had me more hot and bothered than I've been in a while."
"I see. Well, I did say it was only a possibility. There might also be a chance that since your desire already existed, it was only made stronger by your contact with Amy. Anyway, that's only one of many questions I want to answer, but I can only answer them if you'll agree to come with me."
Klauss waited. He meant what he had said. This whole mess was his fault, and if Amy and Mark really wanted to press charges against him for this - even if they didn't know the real truth - he couldn't really blame them, and he would accept responsibility for what he had done. But still, he had Julie to consider. If Klauss couldn't get these two to agree to his proposal, he would have a much harder time helping her.
Finally Mark looked like he was ready to answer. "I can't speak for Amy, but for right now I'll play along. Back in that room, the two of us were ready to make her fat enough to keep her bed-ridden for the rest of her life. That's not normal, any sane person - even a chubby chaser like me - would think it was crazy. Maybe you're right. Maybe this thing has affected me too. And if that's the case then I want to be cured. I'm ecstatic that Amy's gained weight. I still get turned on just thinking about it, but what's happening to her could affect her for the rest of her life. If you can cure her, so she at least has the presence of mind to make her own decision on what she wants, then I'll let you do it."
Klauss was more relieved than he had been in his entire life. He felt bad about lying to Mark, but as so many men with difficult to choices to make have said, the ends justified the means. "I'm glad to hear you feel that way."

No weight gain in this one, just story. Again wish I could write more, but I'm about ready to crash. Next chapter will have more fapable material, I promise.
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