Merry christmas

Chapter 1 - melissa plans a gift

Melissa was the ultimate trophy wife at age 33. 10,000 square foot house in an expensive suburb, new Cadillac Escalade, indoor pool, fantastic wardrobe, trips abroad, everything she could want. Her husband showered her with gifts. But she knew he was not happy with her size, a blonde 120 pound fitness junky.

She had lost about 150 pounds 10 years ago and now religiously went to the gym every day. But she knew her hubby preferred her old, softer, fatter self. Sex was boring for him, she knew, and also she knew that he had a brief affair with a chunky neighbor lady a few months ago - a friend of a friend. This woman was about 30 years old and 250 pounds, carrying all the weight in her belly, a soft saggy belly, that resulted from 2 kids, binge eating and a love of chardonnay. She had seen some texts on her husband's phone including a photo of the woman squeezing her fat rolls in a bikini. She had also seen Bill's computer history of websites featuring huge women. He liked her soft hanging belly in the old days, she recalled wistfully.

Melissa believed that the affair was her fault and decided to give her husband the gift he had wanted for years.She started by quitting the gym and pigging out at every turn. After a few weeks her husband noticed the bulge on her tummy and her tiny love handles. "Melissa you are looking great, have you been going to the gym?" said Bill. "Haven't had time Bill," she said. Bill smiled and rubbed his hand over the new fat. Her gain continued.

A few weeks later Bill received word that he had to go to the Middle East on business for 8 months and Melissa could not come along. he would be gone until Christmas.

The night before departing, Melissa treated Bill to her new heavier body - about 20 pounds bigger than the former gym rat body. The lack of activity and excess food had taken a toll on her frame. The belly bulge was big and soft, creases had developed on her sides. He swore her ass was bigger too. He came loudly and often dreaming of his old blubber belly Melissa - she knew she was on the right track.
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