My fat wife

Chapter 1

You were heavy when we first met and had been battling weight for years. Poor self esteem, big girl genetics and you just love to eat. I first noticed your wide butt, huge tits and big thighs that rubbed together in those tight jeans in college and asked you out.

At first you didn't eat when we were together, nervous that I didn't like bigger girls. Then you became more comfortable and loosened up. Wine, booze, food, ice cream, cakes, candy all were hand, always stocked in the house by me, looking after you and eat you did. "Do I look fat in this?", "Of course not dear,"...."Are you sure?"..."You look great honey," Before you knew it 200 pounds was a distant memory. On the cruise, all you can eat, "You're on vacation dear, go ahead and splurge,"....10 pounds heavier from that trip alone...

Slowly and steadily you gained and gained, bigger and bigger you got. When we married you really packed on the pounds. Relief - I got my man. Butt getting larger, covered in cellulite. Thighs shake like jelly when you walk across the room. Love it. "Clothes must have shrunk in they dryer" you said, but I knew better finding the candy wrappers in your nightstand and the trash and in your too small jeans pockets. New jeans needed. New swimwear needed. New sweats needed. Hello Avenue and Lane Bryant - still bigger, softer.

Hiding your gelatin belly, trying to anyway, as it expanded, drooped, creased, and hung onto your thighs. You on top during sex, a waterfall of fat spilling down on my chest - squeezing the joy rolls as I came.

Then the kids came. "You're eating for 2 now, have a little more!" Your mother helping now feeding you an extra meal per day, "for the children," winkng at me, knowing how really heavy you are getting and how much I like it, leering. Unsaid communication between your mother and I, "Fatten her up good and I will never leave her, and she will need you more too."

No turning back now, baby weight does not come off. Fatter and fatter, softer and softer, squishier and squishier, more and more lovely. Fat arms, butt shelf, double chin, no more jeans, can't find them. Passed 300 pounds. "She's really getting fat" people say quietly as I leer at her fat body. Her mom smiles.

Hanging with fat friends at parties, her sister porking up too the same way, gaining gaining gaining. Widening with every season. Disappointments, fix it with food, celebrations, must have food, clean up your plate dear.

Weight watchers and a host of attempts to lose the draping fat belly, all sabotaged by me with baked goods, more candy, chips, cheese, wine, sangria, vodka, etc.

Emptying myself into her while she is on top - all the time squeezing her 3 high stacked side fat rolls. The joy of a fat wife. Many years to come and bigger and softer she will be.
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Td0057 13 years
I really like your style of writing. Thanks for the great story.
Shavip 13 years
This is really striking and original. Great!