One man's trash is another man's treasure

Chapter 1 - natalie finds a new home

Natalie was always a slightly heavy with a huge asss and Leon liked it that way. She had milky white skin, almost translucent skin, was about 20 and had long black hair....and he was, well, big and black. My apartment was next to theirs and I heard Leon pounding her from behind every night for a year. He was loud and she moaned, loud, too during their sessions. I was always nice to Natalie (I had worked with her for while a few years before and we were friendly) and talked to her in the parking lot or on the stairs. Leon did not like this and was very possessive. She had put on quite a bit of weight while living with Leon, as I saw it, mostly in the belly area, and thighs. I assumed this was due to her heavy dope smoking and the munchies, which was typical of her at work years ago. As a FA I loved to see her whenever I could. She was probably about 180 pounds I thought.
One morning I heard loud bangs, yelling and crying, and I looked out the window and saw Natalie holding her face and crying on the stairs, suitcases next to her. I went out to comfort her and saw a black eye forming and a bruise on her face. "Natalie are you OK....what the fucck?," I asked, and she said "Leon said I was too fat and threw me out...I got no place to go. Leon said he was not gonna be seen with no fat bittch." She said Leon had weighed her and she was 225 pounds. I invited her in to my apartment and said she should relax awhile - she did not want to call the cops as she was scared of Leon. Finally she calmed down and said that Leon did not like fat girls, and hit her all the time, and cheated on her with strippers. I said she could stay with me for as long as she needed since I had a 2 room apartment, and that it was no problem. Her jeans were waaay to tight and barely held in her double belly. She went into the spare room to change and came back in baggy sweatpants that still showed her hanging mass of belly goo and large belly button. I guessed that her kitty was not quite covered by the roll when standing.
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