Prison gain

Chapter 1 - in she goes

Cathy finally got caught dealing oxy-contin and weed at 25 years old after several years of just avoiding the law. She was always one step ahead, but the big local drug sting got her and off to the State Pen she went for a 2 year sentence.

Cathy had always struggled with her weight, particularly when she was doing heavy weed, and entered prison about 180 pounds, carrying most of the weight in her belly which hung over her waist. She was a blonde dream, about 5'5" tall and as her boyfriend it was sad to see her go, but she promised that she would be back "bigger and better than ever" with a wink. She knew I loved big girls, and told me that "food would become her new addiction" to make sure i was still waiting for her when she got out. She had grown with me from about 120, so I did not doubt she would grow.

Once inside life was a bit tough, and you had to take sides. A heavy rough woman about 35, named Kate, told her that she would take good care of her while inside, in trade for small favors. Cathy knew the score and joined with kate and her friends. The prison issue sweatpants felt good and allowed Cathy to chow down every day in the prison mess hall. She could feel her belly getting softer and saggier, and so gould Kate, who happened to be a feeder and a also lesbian. "Nice job Cathy, you will see the big 2-0-0 soon," she said smiling as she fondled Cathy's squishy belly rolls. "Have another candy bar!"

200 came and went quickly. Cathy was also able to score some weed thru Kate and felt perfect. Cathy ate and ate, laid around, tended to Kate's every need, and soon the sweat pants would barely contain her soft, hanging belly apron. Her ass was covered in cottage cheese and her heavy thighs jiggled when she walked. Kate loved her.

And apparently so did Dewey, one of the supervising guards. He was always glancing at Cathy and trying to be close to her. One day Cathy said, "Hey big Dewey, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you liked fat girls!" Dewey blushed and looked away, and the othr guards laughed at him. Cathy grabbed her belly fat and squeezed when he looked back.
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