The competition

Chapter 1


'Damn Damn Damn, why do so many people decide to travel down the M6 at the same time as me, don't they know I have somewhere to be....'

The cars seem to pick up speed and she relaxes listening to the radio, singing along to Charlene Soraia 'wherever you will go', she pulls into the next services for breakfast, and momentarily glances at herself in the reflection of the window. Sandy notices how long her dark hair seems to have grown and how round her body is getting, she really wasn't too sure about her size, she had tried everything to lose weight when she was younger, but at 34 (and looking good for her age) had recently started to not be quite as bothered. She orders two bacon sandwiches and covers them in brown sauce and pepper and sits there quietly eating them, sipping coffee in between mouthfuls. Sandy gets back into her car and continues on her journey.


She had won a weekend away in a crossword competition and was looking forward to relaxing in the countryside for a couple of days. It was only for one person, so she had left her husband and family behind and happily set off down south in the excitement of being pampered. She had glanced through the leaflet of the farm spa she was staying in, there were massage rooms, swimming pools, beauty treatments and country walks to go on. Sandy spent some time thinking that maybe it would be a good weekend to kick start her diet, she didn't really mind being a little bigger, but she knew people around her would have preferred her to be slimmer, and to be fair her size 16 clothes were getting a little tight on her recently.

The journey seemed to take forever, and even coming off the motorway and travelling through Bath was a nightmare, but Sandy just turned her music up and kept going, admiring all the beautiful big old properties as she drove through the city centre. Using the free sat nav on her new iphone she suddenly turned off the Bath road and headed into what felt like the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by breathtaking views of rolling hills and green lush countryside Sandy listened to the directions, and after awhile she turned into this dirt track and bumped her way along to what looked like an old farmhouse.

A bit puzzled Sandy arrived, and glanced round for the 'spa', even glancing at the phone to check the postcode she entered was correct, but before she had time to question things a charming young man approached her.

“You must be Sandy – welcome to my country spa – I'm sure you will be very happy here – and will leave a better person”

Sandy mulled that over in her mind, and was about to comment on the 'leaving a better person' thing when the man walked right up to her.

“Hi Sandy, I'm David, let me take your bag to you room – follow me, you have got plenty of time to just relax before your first treatment”.

Sandy, a bit taken back by David's approach she just followed him, looking around her for evidence of the 'spa'. So far all she had seen were dirty farm buildings, and lots of mud and animals. He led her to a building that looked kind of like it should have been housing bails of hay, and opened the door for her........................
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RFBurton 12 years
I really need an two years later or something! What happens to this awesome trio? Do the girls get bigger???
Layla 12 years
I reallyyyy love this sory too !!!
Italianbelly... 12 years
the psychological climax of the beginning with the trap and the context is incredible. Good job ,I hope to see more of this kind of story smiley
Bradypig 12 years
LOVE this story! I want to be one of those girls!!
Sparkle 12 years
chapter 12 will be the last - coming soon x
Shavip 12 years
Wow add it soon!
Sparkle 12 years
ive got at least 2 more chapters to add!! check back in a few hours!!