The klauss experiments part 2

Chapter 1 - first observations

The orgasm, which had rendered Julie unconscious had also been quite the experience for Klauss. True, it couldn't have been anywhere near what Julie had just experienced, but it was still the first sex Klauss had had in twenty years. He had almost forgotten the ecstasy that came with a climax only a woman was capable of bringing; and boy how Julie had brought on that climax. Klauss didn't think he'd ever get the memory out of his head, nor did he really want to. The shy Julie who had been reluctant to accept his invitation earlier that afternoon had disappeared entirely and a savage, lustful animal had taken her place. Klauss didn't think that Liz had even reacted that strongly to his pheromones, but then different people might react to his bodily chemicals in different ways; perhaps it was purely psychological. Klauss made a mental note to look into the matter further, but not now. Now he needed to get to work on establishing the parameters of his experiment.
Klauss hadn't suggested that they go back to Julie's on a whim; that's where he needed her to end up. He needed her to wake up in her own bed -- hopefully with her memory completely wiped of what had happened just as Liz's had been -- and more importantly, he needed to start setting up his observational units in her apartment. Hell, why pretty up the words? He needed to install spy cams. Klauss retrieved what he needed from the limo outside and hurried back into Julie's apartment. Installing the cameras was fairly easy. He had boned up on how to successfully and discreetly install secret cameras the night before, and now he could have given the CIA a run for their money.
Once the cameras and mics were in their proper places, Klauss quickly dressed Julie in her pajamas (he didn't need her wondering why she had inexplicably woken up naked), covered her with her comforter and made his exit, leaving no trace of himself behind. If his luck held, Julie, like Liz, would remember nothing when she awoke.
Klauss climbed into his limo and told the driver to take him to home. He needed to start preparing for the real work of this experiment.
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Rubarbstreet 11 years
Fantastic story. Great premise, set-up, and execution.
Kamina 11 years
Interesting; I like the forked progression you're beginning on.
TheDemolitio... 11 years
Keep it up. I love this story my friend. X-)