An unexpected twist

chapter 1

Roger was married and a powerful man - connected, leader in business and church. Mercedes, gym membership, fitness freak, marathon runner, a big time dude. But he had a weakness - women with fat sagging apron bellies. He loved fat rolls on women, and when the soft fat slipped over a waistline, or peeked from beneath a tight shirt, all was lost for him.

So it was that he began seeing fatty Samantha, a 35 year old heavy trashy blonde from the other side of the city. They met by chance at a gin mill, she was drunk - her belly rolls bloated and white and soft and hanging between her big legs, barely concealed by a tight dress, as she perched on the bar stool, her bloated legs and feet decorated with red high heels. He figured she was about 250 pounds - right on the edge of a fatty. She recognized him from TV and smiled, cigarette between her ruby lips. Roger could not resist talking to her and later caressing her fat belly apron, and she recognized a meal ticket when it came her way.

"Hello," stammered Roger, nervous and clearly excited.

"Hi baby," said Sam drunkenly, "It looks like you like big girls!"

"Y-Yes," Roger replied, "You are beautiful."

The bar was nearly empty and the waitress was disgusted with Roger cupping the fat girl's belly roll. And even more disgusted with the fat girl liking it.

He liked to feed her, and to record all the calories and measurements. She was amused by this, and the way he jerked off as she seductively ate candy and cake for him. He liked to cream on her belly. She devoured food and promised to eat more. He weighed her and leered and went back to his wife and life. But the cash for Sam was great. He paid her in 100$ bills and occasionally jewelry She let him fcck her and she promised to take the pill. She gained and gained, back fat rolls growing, angel wings hanging, thigh rolls growing, huge belly sagging, and she was satisfied for two years. She had grown to 400 pounds and was living in sweats, waiting for Roger's almost daily visits. He loved to empty his load inside her while she was on top, and he was squeezing her fat belly apron.
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Informatio 7 years
Good story. It is almost a cautionary tale of why you A.never have an affair, and B. Never trust a woman who said they are on the pill.