Ashley and bill

chapter 1

First day as manager of the local drug store, Bill was nervous. He'd never had an indoor job before as he was a National Park Ranger. He had no idea about how to run a store and was nervous as he heard the store loved its assistant manager Ashley. Everyone at Grossman's Phamacy thought that when the old boss Richard retired, that Ashley would be his most likely successor.

She wanted to hate this new outsider Bill for taking the job that felt she rightfully deserved, but after meeting the tall bean pole, Ashely decided she actually liked Bill and even thought he was quite handsome, that is for a Cast Away Survivor.

Over their first business lunch together in the breakroom she discovered that rail thin man was recently divorced when making fun of his microwave lunch. "That's no meal for a REAL man", she joked. After he ate it, Ashely ordered Pizza and was more than glad to see the recent divorcee devour over half of the pepperoni pizza all by himself.

"That was so much better", said Bill with a contented grin, "But I'd better watch it, I'm used to eating little and walking 20 miles a day," he chuckled patting his slightly distended belly.

"This one's got potential", thought Ashley to herself as she fantasized about transforming this fit man into a fat woman. However, after gathering herself together, she said, "Nooooooo, not you. And you're way to thin anyway. I think you'd look good with some meat on your bones".

"Well, from a pretty girl like you, I'll take that as a compliment", said Bill, before laughing and grabbing another slice.

2 Weeks later Bill
"I can't believe how lucky I am", thought Bill while looking over his hot t-girl assistant manager. Work was easy, almost too easy as Ashley assumed most of the official floor work, only leaving him paperwork to do in the office. As a result Bill was building a small calorie surplus, just sitting down, doing paperwork and occasionally snacking on the homemade food and treats that Ashley brought into the office.

"This is great", thought Bill one day after the scale read 210 lbs. He'd somehow managed to pack on ten lbs in two weeks. He didn't worry too much though as he knew he had a good this is what he really wanted. And likewise, it didn't hurt that Ashley kept telling how good he looked.

Two weeks Later Ashley:

Every night for the past two weeks Ashley raced home to masturbate while thinking of how oblivious Bill was to his own fattening at her hands.
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