Erwin the warlock goes on the prowl

chapter 1

Hey everyone, Erwin the Warlock here! As you will recall I inherited my powers not that long ago when I turned 18 and I have had some great fun with them. Anyway, this past Halloween was a blast and Halloween is a Warlocks favorite time of the year. As you know, I'm a FA and I like nothing better than casting a weight gain spell on unsuspecting women and this Halloween I'm going to find the perfect woman and turn her into my Halloween piggy.

So since I cast my last spell on my best friend's mother that turned her into a colossal pear shaped SSBBW, I've developed my telepathic powers to the point that knowing exactly what someone is thinking is now easy. My Halloween plan is to listen in to the thoughts of the moms taking their kiddos out for some trick-or-treating and "secretly" wishing all that fattening candy is for them. If I find a mom thinking like that, I have a very special surprise for her.

Halloween night was finally here and I set out on my journey dressed all in black trying to look as mystical as I possibly could. All of the kids were running from house to house, ringing doorbells, yelling trick-or treat, and squealing with delight as their bags were filled with yummy fattening candy. I started picking up on the thoughts of the moms herding their kids from house to house and most of them were thinking, "I have to throw most of that crap in the trash" or "damn, all that candy is going to rot their teeth" or "my feet are killing me, I cannot wait to get home". The pickings were slim and I was getting discouraged, until...

"Wow sweetie that is quite a load of candy you have there!" Jill said to her little boy. I then caught her thinking, "I wonder how much of it I can eat without him knowing?" I found my target, so I followed her for a couple of houses and at each house she essentially had the same thoughts. Now Jill was not an overly attractive woman, but she did have a killer figure. About 5'6", blonde hair, weighed around 200lbs, a plump ass her husband liked to rub, and good size boobs.

I telepathically told her husband to finish up the trick-or-treating with the kid for Jill had other plans and to not expect her home for the night. I then placed a spell on Jill and had her follow me home. At the house I led Jill to my comfortable basement where her metamorphosis was about to begin.

As part of my developing Warlock skills, instead of placing thoughts into people's minds, I planted a deep seeded trust relationship in them. In other words, I made them comfortable enough with me so that they would tell me their deepest and darkest secrets. And, that is exactly what I did with Jill.

I started, "so tell me Jill, I know you wanted to eat your kid's candy, tell me why?" She told me, "I want to get fat. I want to be a big, heavy, soft, and round housewife. I want to be so big that my husband can snuggle up to me and sleep in my fat rolls. But I'm also afraid. I'm afraid that he won't like me being that fat and he'll leave me if I gain that much weight."

I told her, "You don't have to worry about that, your husband is very attracted to larger women. In fact, you don't know this, but he visits SSBBW websites all the time and wishes you'd get that big." I could tell she was delighted by that news. So, I decided not to be selfish and help out this couple and telepathically called her husband, Steven, to my house. Of course after he got the babysitter to look after the little one.

Steven finally arrived and after I put the deepest darkest secrets spell on him, he and Jill had a very candid conversation. It was decided, Jill was going to grow to become an enormous housewife. But, I had one more magic trick up my sleeve. I told them, "Each of you has an unknown vision for how you want Jill's body to grow but I can help you with that. So, Jill, I want for you to describe for me the features you want and Steve, I want you to describe for me the features you want for your wife."
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