Fat and happy wife

Chapter 1 - cathy grows bigger and happier

She started as a Girlfriend gym rat, tight taut belly, slender but with wide hips,  always dieting, afraid to look like her mom, a middle aged waddling butterball with saddlebag thighs and a big belly. Afraid that I would not like her big. Wedding came and went. Got her man. Gym less often, eating more, drinking more. Pounds creep on slowly. Sedentary job. Lazier. I encourage her eating and say, "Aw honey why are you always at the gym, let's go out!" Pooch showing, muffin top starts. 1 year in 20 pounds bigger. "Do I look fat?" "No baby you look great!" satisfied, more ice cream. Jeans don't fit, bikini too small. Obvious poundage added to waistline - getting bigger. Hotter than ever. I empty myself into her every night, she is content, lazy, happy, knows I love her. Tell her I'll never leave her as I bust my nut into her pudgy kitty. No more gym. Finding candy wrappers in the trash. I buy more candy and chips in bulk. And see it going straight to her belly. End of year 2 up 50 pounds. More pounds pile on fed by ice cream every night... "Honey do you think I look good?" ""Absolutely Cathy you are hotter than ever!" "Am I too fat?" "No way honey I like you the just way you are!" (A lie of course, I want to see her under me as a 500 pound tub of goo, shaking like a pile of jello as I blast a load of cum into her cunny.) She looks at me quizzically, standing in her panties, I caress her soft, cellulite mottled, growing belly roll and look deep into her eyes. We kiss as I swueeze the roll gently amd whisper "you are so beautiful." Not long until she is flat on her back and I am pumping another huge load into her. Now her gain really accelerates. Constantly snacking. Food all the time. Up 100 pounds by end of year 3. Now 210. A plumper on the edge af a fat girl. Year 4 Friends family and co-workers asking questions- are you preggers? She is Embarrassed and now up to 250 soft jiggly Lucious pounds. I reassure, and pump her kitty hard telling her how hot she is. Always reassuring, always feeding, always humping. One day at dawn she rolls over, belly huge and soft and jelly-like and glistening with my cum shot into her cavernous belly button. She says  "Honey, please don't waste your cum in my belly button hole, I want a baby!" I am a little embarrassed, caress her saggy soft lower belly roll, and  say, "Great idea honey, let's do it!" I am over the top excited- knowing that she will blow up HUGE and that baby weight will be VERY sticky. Off the pill she goes and I empty into her twice a day like clockwork. Push it deep into her fat womb hoping my seed takes. Not long until the preg test says "positive." her body changesfast now, side rolls grow, jelly thighs build, and best of all she has a huge belly, folding over her panties now. Bigger and bigger. I tell her hot she is over and over again, take care of her every whim. Bathe her, make sure she does not waste a calorie on anything but beautiful fat. One day in the 7th month, she looks me in the eyes deeply and says, "You like me fat don't you? I was not sure for awhile but I think you really like me big." Busted. I explain that yes I like her fat, that she can never be too big for me, that I will never leave her as long as she is a big girl, and that she is super hot. Straight to the bed but this time she gives me a fantastic blow job, sucking every drop of my load, then  poking her big soft belly roll, smiling and saying, "Those cum calories are going right there!" From here the pounds piled on - eating for 2, and knowing that I worship her fat. She is huge. Back fat comes, and angel hanging wings. Baby comes, I hump her and get herpregnant again as soon as possible. "I'm your breed sow, baby!" she laughs and greedily gobbles down more food. Huge hanging double belly, huge shelf butt, year 5 hits 450 pounds. Lower belly roll splits into 2 lobes at her belly button. I nearly Bust a nut squeezing that fat gooey roll every time. She's in sweats all the time now, nothing else fits, quit her job, eats constantly. Friends ask "Why you gain so much weight girl?" Her answer is always the same, "My man likes me big, he likes me huge. Sex is better than ever. And last night as I grunted another huge load into her kitty from behind, deep inside her (too fat for missionary), I just KNOW that seed took in her womb. Baby #3 and more pounds coming for the breed sow. Sheis emotional, says, "Baby I am so happy to be your big fat wife, breed me again baby!" we spoon, I recover, and she rolls on top of my rod for another insertion, smothering my face with her hanging soft belly fat rolls. I lick the fat and tell her how hot she is. My fat and happy wife.          
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Voluptuouslover 4 years
Liked this fast stories and all the great Fat adjectives that your other stories have. Very arousing
Bigstomachan... 10 years
A great read JBL!

Fast-moving, no unnecessary sentences, and plenty of imaginative detail!
BlackCrow 10 years
Refreshing style of writing, I liked it!
Nemo666nemo 10 years
Strange story style, but I like it.