Feeder dreams do come true

chapter 1

Feeder Dreams Do Come True
I have been an admirer of large women for over 10 years and have recently, approximately 5 years ago, started enjoying the feeder/gaining aspect of being an FA. I had previously dated women weighing anywhere between 300 - 495 lbs and I loved showing them off! That is until I met my wife.
Prior to a date I would always imagine what they would be wearing and I always hoped they would wear something snug or tight fitting for I wanted to show off my date to the public. Admittedly, the best part of the date, at least for me, was dinner. I encouraged her to order whatever she desired and to eat as much as she wanted for it did not bother me. I typically took my date to a nice steak house or BBQ restaurant and loved it when she would order a big juicy ribeye, or a rack of ribs, loaded baked potato, mac and cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and a nice fattening dessert. Of course all of that had to be washed down with a bottle or two of good red wine or a few beers.
After dinner we would go dancing, see a movie, or something else that she was interested in doing. Typically, after a fun night I would always suggest stopping by and eating a nice snack. After all, I wanted her to stay full!
After dating several BBWs I eventually found my favorite lady and that is the one that eventually grew to 495lbs (when I first started dating her she weighed around 380lbs). She was a remarkably beautiful 5'8" tall woman, full of confidence, and not ashamed of her weight. She was proportionally built with long brunette hair that hung to the middle of her back, a nice double belly, and large breasts. Besides being remarkably beautiful, she loved to flirt and tease me for she knew that my desire for becoming a feeder was evolving. I will describe how our dates typically went.
As I mentioned, she liked to flirt and tease me and she was very, very good at it. During the week, when we talked on the phone, she wanted to know what I wanted her to wear. Me, being the typical gentleman, I would always tell her to wear, "whatever she was comfortable to wear". She knew better, she knew that I liked her to wear tight clothing to show off her massive curves and she was right, but it was the game we played. She would describe, in explicit detail, how she would wear her tightest outfit. Her cooing voice would describe how tight her dress would be across her double belly, and how her large breasts would look in the dress. Naturally, she took great delight describing how her large ass would look as she walked/waddled by my side.
As part of her teasing/torturing of me, she would always mention that she thought she had gained a few pounds due to our previous date and the fact that I bought her so much food during our date. Our dinners out were incredible! When she sat at the table her massive belly kept her from sitting directly against the table and her double belly was so large that it rested on her lap almost reaching her knees. And, to show off her large breasts, she always wore a low cut dress that had her large breasts wobbling as she walked, laughed, and moved. One of her favorite things to do was to "pretend" that something fell into her enormous cleavage and she would be brushing at her huge breasts making them quiver. You might ask how I knew she was pretending; she had a look in her eye that let me know she knew how much I enjoyed being teased. And, she was more than happy to accommodate.
Dancing with her was incredible and she loved to dance and she had the moves! She really enjoyed slow dances and it did not take long for me to figure out why. As much as I loved holding her close and enjoyed the feeling of her large double belly and enormous breasts pressing into me, she loved pressing her large double belly and enormous breasts into me. In other words, her turning me on with her girth turned her on just as much; she was in control.
One day, after dating for around two weeks, she called me on a Saturday morning to tell me that she had gained 10lbs (she now weighed 390lbs) and she told me it was due to me taking her out and feeding her all of the rich fattening foods I would continuously buy. Not to mention the constant barrage of candy and pastries I had delivered to her house. She took enormous delight in telling me how her already tight clothes were now almost impossible to wear. She described how her double belly grew and was stretching the seams of her favorite outfit and that her top belly benefited the most from the gain. And her breasts, she loved the fact her breasts (already a HH cup) felt heavier, fuller, and that she might be needing a new bra if she kept up this type of gain. I could swear that she could hear how hard my dick had become over the phone for she kept pouring it on.
I was not ready for what happened next. She confessed that she had been looking for a feeder and she believed I was perfect to be her feeder! She then gave me a very detailed and large shopping list and told me that if I bought what was on the list, she would let me feed all of it to her and, I'm not talking about a small list. Of course, after I regained my composure, I went and bought everything on the list, a bucket of chicken, cheesecake (she loved cheesecake), pizza, donuts, candy, Tasty Cakes, copious amounts of candy, and to wash it all down 3 bottles of wine and a case of beer. The thought of her eating all of that food in one day almost made me cum in my pants!
When I arrived at her house, arms full of groceries, she was dressed in the sexiest lingerie she owned. Looking at her enormous belly, huge HH tits, enormous ass, and luscious full thighs made me want to jump her right there, but she said no. She told me that she wanted me to feed her, tell her how fat she was going to get by eating all of this food, and she wanted me to constantly rub her bloated belly and play with her tits while I encouraged her to eat more and more. How could I resist!
We went to her bedroom and she crawled into her overstuffed recliner and asked me to start feeding her; nonstop. She played with her enormous belly and swollen tits all the while telling me how fat she was going to get by me feeding her. She was always asking if I wanted her so fat she could not get out of bed and become immobile. Of course I said yes. I soon found out that her desire was to become immobile and she wanted to be waited on hand and foot. I told her how I wanted to feed her and wanted her to become fatter and fatter to the point that she could not move without assistance from her servants and that I would always keep her fed with the most fattening foods I could find.
After 4 hours of feeding, belly rubbing, and tit fondling this enormous beautiful woman wanted to suck me off. She claimed that she read somewhere that cum was very fattening and of course how could I object. I know that guys said they "exploded" in their woman and I now knew what that means. I thought I was never going to stop cumming in her mouth, but she swallowed every bit.
After about an hour of rest, we started all over again. She ate a whole pizza, fried chicken, donuts, mashed potatoes, and drank another bottle of wine and polished off a couple beers. And the entire time she kept talking about the glories of becoming fatter and fatter and how big she would get. She said she wanted to be so fat that she would get stuck in doorways, and not be able to reach around her belly. At one point she stood up and wanted me to reach around her and when I did she told me that soon I would not be able to reach all the way around her. You should have seen the twinkle in her eye while she was describing her journey into extreme obesity! She knew the effect this was having on me and she enjoyed it!
After that second 4 hour feeding session we screwed our brains out while I fed her donut after donut after donut (a dozen in total) and after we finished up, totally spent, we talked. She described how she wanted to grow to be at least 500 lbs minimum and that she wanted me to feed her every day until she reached her goal. She wanted me to move in with her so I could be constantly feeding and fattening her. What could I say, of course I moved in with her.
One of the first things we did was order her a new wardrobe, take pictures of her, measure, and weigh her. She tried on her new clothing that went from size 4 x to 8 X and the size 8X was way too big on her, for now. You should have seen the gleam in her eyes as she told me she was going to get so fat that the 8X dress would not fit her! I could hardly wait to see that!
So we got started, I moved in and started the daily feedings of this remarkable woman as she sat in her cozy recliner all the while rubbing her ever growing belly and breasts. Every week I measured her, took photos, and weighed her. Her gain was very steady, anywhere between 5 - 7 pounds a week. Her favorite position for taking photos was on her hands and knees. She was obsessed with getting her belly and tits so big that they rested on the bed!
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QuebecFA 8 years
Thanks for sharing your story! You are one lucky dude! I truly envy you... :-)