Hannah going chubby to fat: true story

chapter 1

She was always a near chubby girl. Then she went on summer vacation in college and she got fully chubby but didn't seem to realize it. Nothing crazy but at 18 she was 5'4" and carried just a bit too much of extra padding to be considered normal weight. She was cute and blonde but her bad esting habits had her sporting an extended tummy that she was about 15lbs of extra jiggly fat and love handles, flabby arms, thick thighs, and the start of a pudgy little double chin. Overall it must have been 30 lbs gained over teo months from eating and drinking nonstop.. she knew she had gained but was in denial even everytime she trier to fit into her old clothes and had her big ass and ne fat belly stop her. She chocked it up to shrunk clothes. That is, until she saw her mum again.

"You have really let yourself go" her mum said, grabbing a roll of soft fat from the top of her too tight jeans.

"I just need to get back to the gym, you're so mean! I might have gottena but heavier but not much" Hannah said.

"Oh not this is a lot more than a little sweetie", her mum said, bringing her to a mirror.

She pulled slightly at hannah's too tight top that showed a deepened bellybutton from the weight gain. It slowly peeled up as she tried to suck in a but out of embarassment.

"This is new... this is a lot.." she said, pulling and shaking at Hannah's newly formed belly, about 15 lbs of fat added to her expanding mis section.

Most of hannah's gain had expanded a large lower belly of soft fat and fat rolls under her bra and on her sides. Her mom took a handfull of her side rolls and lovr handles while turning her daughter to the side in the mirror.

"Look how wide you've gotten" she says, showing her daughter how her distended fat stomach stuck out fat and heavey beyond her tits.

"You were getting a bit heavy before sweety but you've realy just put on too much now,'you're getting quite fat and have a double chin."

Hannah felt ashamed and near teard at her mothers comments. But she knewshe was right. She hadnt been able to control her eating and all her clothing was so small now, her giant belly sticking out more and more and her avoiding the scale. Her thights had gotten so thick they runned together as she walked and she could no longer see or touch her feet.

"Take your shirt off" her mum said, poking her daughters belly. "You've gotten so big your shirt is riding up," she said, grabbing a hand of squishy fat.

"What will we do about this..maybe you're just fat forever now.. is that what you want?" She asked
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Trailfa 1 year
What happens next!!!
Mj3200 2 years
What an amazing story.
Yamori 2 years
i like how you write this story

you have a true talent here
Fatowl 3 years
Welcome Back!! You should add a chapter or two to relate your experiences over the past year. Add a couple of weights for reference points. And a nice belly measurement!
LikesCokeBot... 4 years
True story?? Amazing story 👍
AndiFive 5 years
I'm looking forward to the next chapters.
Askechu78 5 years
This is really good my god, you are perfect!!! Please, make a new video or something!!!
GrowingLoveH... 5 years
Excellent writing.
I love your descriptions of her gain and the reactions of those around her. You are good at this. Keep writing.
Theswordsman 5 years
You added the last chapter twice
Womansbellyl... 5 years
Fine effort, keep up the good work!
Womansbellyl... 5 years
Most excellent. LOVE your journey to a round, fat belly!!!
TotalyInToYou 5 years
i like this! cant wait for the next chapter!< 3
SomeGiraffez 5 years
Little bit of spellcheck and this is A+
Askechu78 5 years
Thats awesome...! Please, keep writing these!!
Starters 5 years
Great writing sweet, keep it up smiley
Darthstuffer 5 years
There is nothing wrong with being the fat forever girl, especially since you are 100x hotter than you mom ever was. Your thick thighs, grab-able love handles and big beautiful belly are extremely desirable assets and you showcase them to perfection!
Nok 5 years
so sexy. frickin awesome, and all the hotter thinking about it being you XD. Simple but great writing.
Porter 5 years
Fat girl, can't stop eating...