Chapter 1 - soulmates


Bob couldn't believe the dream he had the previous night. He dreamed that his Fairy God Mother paid him a visit and told him that all of his fantasies were going to come true. It would be nice if that actually happened and his dream felt so real, but he knew better. As he showered and shaved his mind kept wandering back to his dream, "you will meet your soul mate tomorrow", his Fairy God Mother told him. "You must pay attention for it will not be obvious for whom she is, you will have to look into her soul and feel the connection. You will only have one chance to find her and I can guarantee you that you will cross paths with her tomorrow. She is a perfect match for you, so open up your soul for that is the only way you will find her. Only your soul mate would be able to fulfill your fantasy", and that is how the dream went, over and over throughout the night.

Bob is a 32 year old corporate lawyer that had never married. After his father died, when he was 18, he stayed at home helping his mom and two younger brothers. He worked a couple of jobs, to ensure all of the household obligations were met, right up until his brothers graduated from high school. After that he put himself through college and then law school. His looks were average, around 5'11", average build, and liked to keep in shape. He appreciated larger heavy set women, but it seemed that all the ones he dated always complained about how they wanted to lose weight but he thought they were perfect as is. He even told them how he felt. On their dates they typically ate salads and continuously apologized that their dating profile picture wasn't current. Bob didn't mind that they were heavier (in fact he wanted them bigger) than their profile depicted and he thought of their size as a bonus. As time went on, he dated, and dated, and dated but it was always the same situation, none of the women were comfortable in their skin and Bob was turned off by their lack of confidence. He had almost given up trying to find his soulmate.

Bob finally left his house at 7:30AM and headed to his normal breakfast stop for a smoothie before going to work. For some reason, he felt really good, the music playing on the radio had a good beat, he was singing to one of his favorite songs, and the air felt cool and crisp. He parked his car, got out and started walking to the entrance of the smoothie shop. As he was walking towards the door the most amazing looking woman he had ever seen was exiting the smoothie shop. He couldn't believe what he was seeing! He opened the door for her, she looked at him and he looked at her; their eyes locked and they stood there for several seconds staring into each other's souls.

She was the first to speak, "thank you" and he replied "you're welcome". He asked her, "I'm not trying to be forward, but do I know you, you look very familiar?" She smiled and said, "that's odd, I was just thinking the same thing, but for the life of me I cannot place where we would have met." "I tell you what, I was just about to get my normal pick-me-up, would you care to join me?" he asked. "Why not, I'm not in any hurry." she replied.

During the course of their conversation Bob learned that her name is Sandra and that she had just moved into town a couple of months ago. Their backgrounds were very similar for her mom had passed away when she was 18 and she hung around the household to help her dad raise her two younger sisters. After her sisters graduated high school she put herself through college to become an engineer.

Bob couldn't help but stare into her eyes and she did the same to him. When he looked at her, it made him relax and he felt self-assured. It was very pleasant feeling for when their eyes locked it was if he could read her mind and she could read his. Finally, after around 3 hours of very pleasant conversation Sandra told him, "look, this may seem weird, but I feel very comfortable with you. It's as if I've known you all my life. But, I had this really weird dream last night. I kept dreaming that my Fairy God Mother visited me and told me I you will meet my soul mate tomorrow and that I must pay attention for it will not be obvious for whom he is, and I will have to look into his soul and feel the connection. She also said, you will only have one chance to find him and I can guarantee you that you will cross paths with him tomorrow. He is a perfect match for you, so open up your soul for that is the only way you will find him. She also told me that only my soul mate would be able to fulfill my fantasy".

Bob couldn't believe what he was hearing and told her, "That is incredible for I had the same exact dream!" "Do you think we're the soul mates our Fair God Mothers told us about?" he asked. "Oddly, yes I do." She said.

"Sandra, I tell you what, there's really only one way to find out if we're soul mates. Your Fairy God Mother told you the same as mine told me, only your soul mate will be able to fulfill your fantasy. So, and I'm going out on a limb here, let's be honest and tell each other their fantasy?"

She said, "Okay, I'm game, but I'll warn you now, I've told other guys my fantasy and they thought I was weird. But for some reason, I feel as if you will understand."

"I'll go first." Bob told her. "I've always liked large women, but I'm never happy with how large they are. I want to feed them and make them grow even bigger. I want their bellies to expand. I want to fill their bellies with food and watch how their body expands and grows heavier with every bite. I want her belly to overflow into her lap and watch how she has to move it so she can reach for things. And, her breasts, I would love for her breasts to benefit from the weight gain. I would love for her breasts to grow with every pound gained and rest on top of her expanded belly. I want her face to become fatter and fatter and their chin to develop into double or triple chins. I want her thighs so big that they resemble tree trunks and rub together when she walks. And, her rear end, I love big butts and how good they feel when I massage that big fat rear end. I enjoy watching her walk, how every part of her body wobbled, jiggled, and rubbed together as she moved. I want a woman so big that I cannot reach around her. I would love, worship, and care for this woman for all times." Bob finally stopped, realizing how far he had gone. He was a little embarrassed, but maybe this is the woman for him. I guess he'll find out.

Sandra couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had always wanted to be bigger, stuffed, and forced to grow. She had been stuck at 250lbs for years in spite of all the food she ate, she just couldn't grow. Every time she met a guy, and when she had become comfortable with him, she explained her fantasy. They typically left skid marks as they left her house. Now, here was Bob explaining to her his fantasy, and it perfectly aligned with hers.

Sandra reassured Bob, "I cannot believe it, but your fantasy aligns with mine. I want to be fed and grow to enormous proportions. I want to be loved, cared for, and worshiped. But, only by my true soul mate. Bob, I am convinced we are soul mates."

"So, what do we do now?" Sandra was so turned on that what she really wanted was to have sex with Bob. "I have a house two blocks over, we can go there." He told her. "Let's go."

Less than five minutes later they were in Bob's bed enjoying each other's body. After a couple of hours of purely sensual love making, they both fell asleep in each other's arms. While they were sleeping their Fairy God Mothers visited their dreams again. They told each of them the same thing. Bob's told him that his embrace would release his fantasy into Sandra. Sandra's told her the same and that Bob's embrace would release her fantasy. But, once the embrace was broken the immediate fantasy gratification would end.

The both woke up at the same time and smiled at each other, "tell me your Fairy God Mother visited you", she asked. "Wow, you too. Mine told me that when I embrace you my fantasy would be released into you but it would stop once the embrace was broken" he told her. She acknowledged that she was told the same thing. "I wonder what is meant by our embrace will fulfill our fantasy?" he asked. "Well, I'm not exactly sure, but what I think is when you embrace me something will happen to me and it will stop once you let go." she said.

Bob moved under the covers toward her, looked into her eyes and said, "Let's find out." He reached around her and pulled her close to him. They both felt the immediate changes to her body.

Her entire body started to slowly expand. Neither of them could believe it, both of their fantasies were coming true at the same time. Slow but sure, her belly started to swell along with her breasts. He could feel her growing wider and fuller with each passing minute. Her belly and breasts filled the gaps between them and he had to loosen his embrace to allow her continued expansion.

She couldn't believe how good her expanding body felt. The weight of her swelling tummy and breasts felt so good and turned her on so much that she was close to orgasm. But she also felt her rear and thighs enlarging at the same pace.
Bob looked over the covers and could watch her growing body expand under the covers. They were on their sides facing each other so he was able to see her hips slowly spreading wider and wider, climbing into the air. He could still feel the pressure of her enlarging belly and breasts pressing into his stomach and chest and then he noticed that her face was becoming fuller with each minute that passed. He was so aroused!

She finally interrupted his thoughts, "how big do you think I am?" "I don't know because we're under the covers and I cannot really see how big you're getting. But I can tell you that you feel amazing."
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