The breakup revenge body

chapter 1

Cathy & Bob had been married for 5 years and Cathy knew he wanted her really heavy. She had cooperated somewhat & put on about 50 pounds, mostly in the belly with a drooping roll, but she did not want to get really fat. Bob tried his best to fatten her up with buffets, snacks, ice cream & wine, but Cathy continued to work out and though several sizes bigger, was not the blimp Bob desired.

Bob loved to knead her roll & encouraged her to gain but Cathy was just not into it. Cathy found some porn magazines Bob had with fat chicks, and his computer history was filled with sites of really huge women - 4 to 5 hundred pounds- some immobile, so she knew he was really into fat girls. He apparently had several pay site memberships according to his credit card statement, which she sneaked a look at. After finding this out she stuffed a few buffet meals for him and he seemed really into it - weighing her later and loving the resultant 10 pound gain and slight muffin top change. But Cathy could not see herself as a 500 pound fattened hog.

One day Cathy came home from work early & saw Bob's car, & another car in the driveway. She went in & heard rhythmic noises coming from their downstairs master bedroom. She peeked into the room through the door crack & saw Bob on top of a huge fat blonde young woman, who had a massive, soft roly-poly, cellulite covered belly. The woman was red faced, sweating profusely & holding her belly apron up with both hands so Bob could drive his dicck home. Cathy started video taping with her phone knowing that her girlfriend had fought for proof of cheating in a divorce.

Bob had the woman roll over & began doing her doggy style, with her huge fat belly heaped up underneath her on the bed. The fat quivered & shook as Bob pounded away. Cathy stepped in and said, "Bob what the hell are you doing?"

Bob saw her, continued, & came deep inside the woman while caressing the side of her fat rolls. He finished, pulled out & kissed the fat woman on he mouth while still squeezing her apron belly. She moaned.

"Cathy this is Amanda," he stated, "I have been her feeder for the last 2 years and have grown her from 250 to 400 pounds. She wants me to get her fatter - have her belly hang to the knees & me take care of her. You know I like fat women & tried to get you to gain. I just can't be with you if you don't want to fatten up." Amanda smiled at her and waddled to the master suite to pee.

Cathy could not believe it but seeing is believing. She began divorce proceedings the next day.
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