Under the stars

Chapter 1

Aimee woke up and opened her wardrobe, and like many mornings, she just stood staring at lots of clothes that didnt quiet fit comfortably anymore. Aimee had always been slightly chubby, but since changing her job she found she was less active, spent more time sat down at a desk and more time out socialing with colleagues.

This particular morning she choose to wear a short black skirt, (which she had to lie down on the bed and really breath in to do up the button) and a clingy white blouse, (which its buttons were starting to pull when she sat down in it, especially over her ample cleavege).

Aimee left for work, feeling at an all time low, she knew one of her friends had planned a 'surprise' 30th birthday party for her, which was in a months time. She found herself driving along thinking of all the ways she could lose weight before her party, she didnt want to be 'fat and 30'.

Once at the office Aimee busied herself with her work, unaware of her friend Donia looking at her, Donia didnt agree with Aimee wanting to lose weight, she had other ideas of how Aimee should look, and Donia also had spent time thinking about the next month before Aimees party, after all she had planned it - but she had another agenda.

Aimee's mind was pondering ways of losing weight quickly, she had phoned the local gym and was planning on going there on her way home from work, she was just deciding on what healthy lunch she could have when Donia came over to her desk. Donia invited Aimee out for lunch, she said she had something exciting to tell her, so Aimee had to agree.

At the local restaurant where the girls had met for lunch Donia happily tucked into her bowl of pasta, and had ordered more garlic bread, she told Aimee she had ordered for her, as they couldnt risk being late back to work. So Aimee also had a huge bowl of pasta infront of her (to Aimee there seemed more pasta in her bowl then in Donias, but maybe she had already eaten alot of hers when aimee went to the bathroom.) When the garlic bread arrived Donia kept offering it to Aimee, and it did taste so good, Aimee mindlessly ate through all the garlic bread listening to Donia tell her all about her exciting plans for a holiday later in the year. Donia said that her sister should have been going, and had already paid her share, but with other commitments cant go, so Donia invited Aimee along, an all paid holiday to Mexico in 7 months. Aimee was so excited by this and with the friends happily chatting away Aimee didnt even notice when Donia had ordered more and more garlic bread to the table, and the Aimee had been eating it all. It was only as she suddenly felt her button pop on her skirt that she realised how much she had eaten.

Aimee felt very uncomfortable as she excused herself to the bathroom again, holding her skirt so it wouldnt fall down, she really felt how full her belly felt as she walked, and recoiled in horror when she saw herself in the mirror, her belly looked so much bigger, it seemed so swollen, her zip wouldnt do up, and all her buttons were gapping on her blouse, she could see her soft skin trying to squeeze through the gaps. Aimee sat there and cried as she suddenly realised how much she had eaten. It made her even more determined to join the gym.

Meanwhile Donia was sat at the table smiling like a cheshire cat to herself at how well that had gone, but she realised the next month would be difficult, she really couldnt let Aimee join the gym and spoil her fun, maybe Donia should take some drastic action to make sure her plan happens.
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FeedHerFat 14 years
wow very well written story, great fantasy smiley
Sparkle 14 years
thankyou for your comments smiley
14 years
sparkle: just reminded me of the quote from the movie "Babe" where the old man is standing there saying "That'll do pig..that'll do..." But it's a superb story so far, very well written and the flow is consistent, keeping the reader engaged and wanting to find out more if she makes it or not smiley
Sparkle 14 years
i think ive got a few more chapters i can add to this, but for now that will do smiley
Bradypig 14 years
I can't wait!!smiley