Vacation belly


chapter 1

Tony had been on "vacation" for about three months. Within that time judging from Instagram he did the same things he did here. Under the pretense of being on "vacation" he did them in even greater excess. Phrases like "go big or go home" and "why not" and "I'm on vacation I'm supposed to relax" became his everyday refrains.

I was jet lagged and starving when I finally saw my friend Lucy waiting for me in the airport to pick me up. We grabbed my stuff and headed to her car. She shoved my stuff in the back.

"So how was your trip?" She asked looking over at me and smiling as I struggled with my seat belt.

"It was awesome! I'm just starving and tired. Can we please go get food?" I finally got the seatbelt on and relaxed.

"Sure. Let's get some food in that belly." She laughed after lightly patting my belly.

She drove to the nearest place which just happened to be Denny's. Good thing too because it was now 11am and I still hadn't had breakfast yet well aside from the three meals I had on the plan because the stewardess gave me three when I told her how hungry I was. Plus a few extra desserts. But that was still like three hours ago.

"Oh my god this all looks amazing!" I was practically drooling.

"Well do you need a minute to choose?" The waitress laughed.

"Honestly I'm so hungry, I want everything on the menu." I could hear my stomach growling.

"I like a guy with a healthy appetite," she laughed. "Let me know what you decide on." With that she sashayed away. She was one hot waitress.

"So did you order?" Lucy came back just in time to catch me watching the sexy waitress walk away.

"What?no I can't decide. I just want to eat. And I want all the food."

"Why don't you just keep eating till you are full. Doesn't your brother typically pay for your stuff anyway?" Lucy said glancing at the menu.

"Yeah but I don't know what to start with." My brain was cloudy due to my stomach and slight erection from that waitress.

"Fine I will order for you." Lucy picked up the menu and called over the waitress.

"Did you two decide yet?" She asked.

"Yeah he will have the grand slam and a large chocolate shake. Can you handle that? That way you get to basically eat all the breakfast menu." Lucy smiles wickedly at me.

"I'm sure he can handle it." The waitress smiled as she headed back to the kitchen.

"I think she likes you." Lucy giggled. "I think she likes your pudge." She poked my belly.

"What pudge?" I was annoyed that she had interrupted my day dream about eating off that waitresses ass and tits.

"Aww that's so cute, you are in denial, haha." She poked me again and pinched me. "This pudge."

"It's not pudge, it's average." I said and crossed my arms over my middle and sucked in.

"Whatever you say, here she is with the food." Lucy smiled.

"Here you go sweetie, enjoy."

"Thank you." I gave her my best "Sexy pickup face" and she blushed.

"No problem." She really was smoking.

"If you are going to stare at least be subtle. Also I think your pants are getting a little tight there. You might want to cut back after this." Lucy poked me in the side and laughed.

"They are only tight cause I'm hard and cause I bought the wrong size." I said through a mouthful of pancakes. "Besides why do you care?"

"Oh my god seriously, you are so easy to turn on. That's really entertaining." She grinned at me. I tried to ignore her and focus on my daydream. I imaged eating all of this off that waitress's naked body, licking the syrup off her perfect tits while she fed me and stroked my cock and rubbed my belly telling me how much she likes a man with a healthy appetite.

"Wow finished already! You really are greedy aren't you?" Lucy laughed.

"Urrp, urrrrrrrpppppp, urrrpppp. I guess." I felt kinda drunk with food but still kinda hungry. My pants were digging in now. "Urrrrrrrrpppppppp, urrrrrrrrrrrrrp, ugh, urrrrrp. There now I have a little more room." I pushed my fist into my belly to release some more gas to make some more room. "Urrrrrp,urrrrp, urrrrrp."

"Did you guys want anything else?" The waitress was eyeing my food baby beginning to peak out over my jeans.

"Yeah can I get three orders of pancakes: one with Nutella, another with banana and chocolate chip, another with uh i don't you choose. And then an omelet with everything in it. And then a coke and a cookies and cream shake and some fries actually make it two orders of fries." I said not even believing my own ears.

"Sure I'll get right on it." The waitress looked as if she was going to lose it.

"Wow, um how are you going to eat that?" Lucy looked at me in utter disbelief.

" one urrrrrp, bite urrrrrrrp urrrrrrp, at a time urrrrrrrrrrp," I grinned impishly and rubbed my food baby. "Besides I'm going into hibernation mode when I get home."

"Hahahaaahhhh! Oh my god you are ridiculous!" Lucy had the cutest laugh.

"Okay here you go,don't go making yourself sick." The waitress looked flushed and nervous.

"Mmmmm thank you. I need to start hibernating when I get home so this is absolutely necessary." I said while stuffing the Nutella pancakes down.

"I'm sure it is." She smiled and giggled. "I'll bring out the rest in a bit, your appetite is hard to keep up with."

"Thank you, I really like eating."

"I can tell" she laughed. "Enjoy your food" she gave my belly a light pat causing me to burp." This elicited another giggle from her as she made her way back to the kitchen.

I don't know how I was still eating and I don't know why Lucy was watching me so intently. Anytime I slowed down she would tease me about my eyes being bigger than my stomach. And then I would shovel more food down.

"My my someone enjoyed their meal," The waitress had returned with our bill. She kept here eyes on my exposed belly now stuffed beyond belief. I occasionally let out a few hiccups and burps followed by some groans and moans. "You okay?" She asked sweetly.

"Yeah I think I just overdid it a bit. Urrrrp, it just tasted so good I couldn't stop. Urrrrrrrrp urrrrrrp, ohhh it is so stuffed and hard. Urrrrp I can't undo my jeans or belt. Urrrrp urrrrrp urrrrrrp hic, hic, urrrrrp. Ahhhgggg, I really overdid. I should probably stop doing this." I rubbed my belly desperate for relief. I was out of breath just sitting there. There was still half of my coke left and then another huge milkshake.

"I think it's good that you enjoy your food. Did you want me to take away the dishes?"

"Yeah" she started gathering up the mess and as she grabbed the unfinished milkshake and coke I stopped her. "No leave those I want them still."

"Okay I'll just grab the rest."

"Wow you are so fat." Lucy said as she watched me struggle to finish the coke and milkshake. "Look at all this" She smacked my belly.

"Ughh owww, don't do that." I almost choked on the shake I was chugging.

"Why cause you aren't done eating?" She laugh and shook my bloated and stuffed belly. "Tony you are getting kinda fat" she laughed.

"I'm not urrrrrrrp fat, I'm just urrrrrrrp hic bloated and have a food baby." I had finally finished all the food. And was struggling to unbutton my pants. I gave up covered in sweat and out of breath.

"Okay whatever you say." Lucy laughed at me giving my belly a smack.

"Here you go." The waitress placed the bill on the table and I automatically just gave her my credit card. " I'll be right back."

"You are so greedy and shameless." Lucy giggles.

"What? She is hot." I was hard and wanted to jack off but I was so stuffed and tired. My jeans were cutting me in half. I don't think I could get them off on my own.

"Here's your card back have a wonderful day. Oh and come by anytime." She smiled at me handing me a large doggy bag and slipping a card into my hand. "You gotta get nice and stuffed if you are going to last through winter." She giggled as she gave his stuffed belly a pat. His belly jiggled a bit still and her hand sunk in a bit. She turned red I guess she wasn't expecting it to still be squishy.
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