Victim of a feeder

chapter 1

I can’t believe I let this happen to me. I definitely never though it would. I used to be so thin and fit. Like just a few years ago. I was about 120 lbs at 5'5. I had a nice tight ass, toned abs, long sexy legs dark brown hair, tanned olive skin and a cute face. I was hot! I literally used to be a insta fitness model. Holy shit. Just saying that out loud sounds crazy now. Obviously things changed.

Back in 2015, I landed a part time job as the afternoon receptionist for the Charlotte office of medium sized marketing consulting group. I was excited to have a stable gig since fitness model didn’t really pay the bills. Plus Dan, the managing partner, was rich and single. I was always trying to catch his eye.

The job was really cushy. I had time to go to the gym for a few hours before work. After the gym, I’d get all done up for work and for Dan but he'd just ignore me. I think things would’ve stayed like that had Dan not gotten arrested for tax evasion.

With Dan out of the picture by early 2016, Mark moved from the Savannah office to take over as managing partner in Charlotte. Mark was a gorgeous man. Tall, dark haired, broad shouldered. He was very fit looking, and he was wealthy too? Like he was my dream. Plus, unlike Dan, Mark acknowledged that I existed. He'd always would bring in me a coffee on his way back from lunch. I never had the heart to tell him I preferred black coffee or unsweetened tea. I just enjoyed the attention and drank whatever he brought anyway. It was so cute, and the attention felt nice. Even though I was just the receptionist and my job could not have been easier, Mark made me feel like I was an important of the team. So, when he asked me to go full time and fill the recently vacated morning reception gig as well, I took the job without hesitation, even though it interfered with my insta modeling and gym schedule. I figured I’d work out a new gym schedule. I’d just have to watch what I ate for now.

In the morning, Mark would bring in scones, donuts, bagels and cream cheese or some sort of baked good for the team. He’d come in with a dozen, pick one out and give it to me, then leave the rest on my desk for everyone to grab if they wanted. Almost nobody even touched them, but I felt like if I put mine back it would be so rude and Mark might notice. So, scones and sedentary work became my new morning routine.

After a few months, I still hadn’t figured out a new gym routine and it was starting to show. I’d probably put on about 15 lbs. My pants were getting incredibly tight, but other than that I wasn’t really too motivated to get back to the gym. Plus, I’d caught Mark checking out my ass a few times recently and I gave him a winked once. I knew he was into it. There was so much sexual tension you could cut it with a knife. Still, I had to be careful. An getting an ass was one thing, but I didn’t want to get fat.

Meanwhile, Mark was working food into more aspects of my job. A few months after moving to our office, he gave me a raise, and asked me to take the job of office secretary. My main additional duty would be to sit in on all of our pitch and internal meetings and to distribute meeting minutes afterwards. Simple enough, but like every single meeting had food! And if Mark was around, he'd make sure I had 'enough.'

After 6 months I knew the new job was a problem. My willpower was in tatters. Mark had gotten me in the habit of grabbing food at meeting. And I was ALWAYS in meetings. I was growing used to eating constantly and it showed. I was up to 185 lbs. I had a fat ass, thick thighs and big boobs. Somehow, I didn’t have much of a gut though. I still honestly looked good. Like I was obviously overfed. But I looked thick and curvy, not fat. If anything I had Mark’s attention even more. Still, I knew if this kept going curvy would turn into plump soon and I was not going to let myself be some office fatty.

Just when I was thinking about losing weight, it was the holidays and I was pumped full of food. First it was Halloween. Obviously there had to be candy on my desk. Of course Mark got, like a million Reese’s cups, because they’re my very favorite. Then we had Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie, you name it for like a month, always on, you guessed it, my desk. And then Christmas! It was just cookies, brownies, peppermint bark, candy canes everything. My desk was practically a holiday buffet the whole season. I already told you I’d gotten used to eating all day and that my willpower had pretty basically disappeared. I spent two months stuffing myself.

By the Christmas party, I was 225 lbs. My ass was fatter my thighs bigger. I hoped my big boobs were enough distract from the gut I was finally developing. I couldn’t believe it. Had I really just gained 100 lbs in a year. What the fuck was I doing? I'd lose weight once all this holiday food was gone though right?

Even as I was wondering how I’d let this happen and how I’d lose it, I took plate after plate of food as it was offered to me by Mark. He’d seemingly accidentally brush the small of my back when he leaned in made sure I had everything I needed. I was so turned on. I was enjoying the attention so much I hardly realized that I was happily stuffing myself while wondering how I’d gotten so fat.
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Jellybellylover 1 year
Perfect, a wrecked and blubbery figure, plenty of extra fat on a woman, who has given up.
Jack-Elray 4 years
Very well done
Karenjenk 4 years
Love this. i hope you keep it going