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With apologies to Amazon and Philip K. Dick for bastardizing Man In The High Castle!
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a viking king becomes the unwitting victim of a woman warrior with a feeder streak!
1 chapter, straight male
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2 months
The person behind Eloise's transformation comes forward but are they finished?
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Mia is a college student sharing an apartment with two roommates who decide it's time to play a little bit with Mia's weight without her noticing.
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Dorothy (aka Lucia) is a hungry girl- he feeder scarecrow and hungry Lion make this version a feeders delight
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petite woman finds hefty viking and lives the dream
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Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
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All the people around Isabella change when she asks a wish to a shooting star.
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20 hours
When Liz found out Dean has been cheating on her for the past year throughout their 4 year relationship; she realized it was the last straw and had to make him pay. After a visit to her long-term witch friend and grabbing a few magic items....she turns hi
2 chapters, straight male
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Zoe's insecurities during her first pregnancy lead to her husband Austin making a drastic lifestyle change for love.
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