the most greasy protagonist role

The story of some actresses who compete to get fat and get a leading role.more ▼
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the big date

dream dating the perfect, big man with a huge belly big brain and exquisite taste...more ▼
3 chapters, created 3 hours , updated 3 hours
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feeding the plan

When Kate applies for her new housecleaning job, her main goal is to earn enough cash to keep her from starving another day. The homeowners have similar goals, only they wish to help Kate achieve them through much different means. ** force feeding and imore ▼



A simple love story about bodies and food. About pushing one's limits, about stories themselves, about two people with plans for eachother.more ▼
8 chapters, created 3 days , updated 13 hours
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chapter 1 (recovered from meren weatherby/previous account)

two cute, petite, bi women, invite their new colleague - a friendly, super chubby guy, new in town, over for a very warm welcome dinner...more ▼
3 chapters, created 15 hours , updated 14 hours
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the last baby machine

Set in 1967.... A free-love anti-war hippie goes to a resort in Chile where her life is drastically changed. (Contains adult material) Based on historical characters, places and events. However, author does not condone their evil actionsmore ▼
18 chapters, created 3 months , updated 15 hours
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hungrier at night

Emily wants to fatten up her boyfriend, who has a tendency towards midnight snacking.more ▼
6 chapters, created 4 months , updated 18 hours
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the architects' party: expanding ideas and waistlines

lovely large men in my office overdo it - especially at thanksgivingmore ▼
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the summer gain(chapter 2 add)

A boy who finds the gaining Community and he realizes that he is really into it...more ▼
2 chapters, created 3 years , updated 2 days
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tinder dates

Lynn had become an expert of getting fat-shamed by her Tinder dates by using her old skinny photos. But she never expected someone would actually be into her gain.more ▼
4 chapters, created 2 weeks , updated 2 days
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