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7 hours
A young girl taken from her family when she was 5 is kept in a lab where she is forced to lose weight. When adopted by a new family, she discovers how glorious it is to be fat.
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5 hours
A short, true story of the weight gain of a girl I used to know
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When the GWF's top women's wrestler decides to try something new, she has a year to go up to a mythical weight class. Can she do it and get the gold?
2068 views, 10 likes, 4 comments
Megan meets Chris and discovers she likes feeding him and making him fatter. Chris discovers he likes getting fatter.
3 chapters, straight male
2649 views, 8 likes, 4 comments
23 hours
how to earn money and run a household without lifting a finger
2084 views, 2 likes, 2 comments
Ed's gut grows when he knocks up Molly May
296 views, 4 likes, 0 comments
Miss Harding has always had a preference for chubby porky girls. And then one day Chloe Adams waddles in and changes everything.
15921 views, 36 likes, 13 comments
An older women fulfills the dreams of a younger guy, mostly.
240 views, 5 likes, 1 comment
2 days
Chad and Seth have just graduated from high school and have decided that their first adventure of the summer would be to leave their home town, which was the nation's leader in health and fitness, and head to another town and try McDonald's for the first
792 views, 6 likes, 3 comments
4 days
A chubby girl is spending time with her friend playing video games, packing on pounds
7104 views, 10 likes, 3 comments
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