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Dr Hayden Ford is one of the leading researchers in weight loss pharmaceuticals, but deep down she has ulterior motives... To make herself into a fat giantess
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Susan plots to get revenge on a serial cheating boyfriend.
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A young woman in college seeks to understand and love herself through a hard time. She wants to love herself so she can embrace love from others - but a culture which fears and hates fat makes that a challenge. Maybe just short story one chapter.
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21 hours
A beautiful young lady gets fed and loved.
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One man's sick fantasy of creating a human farm where females are bred and milk is harvested.
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He just wants her to gain a little, he had said. Maybe 2 lbs this year? Slowly she goes from a skinny girl that "can't gain weight" to having her choices of what and when to eat, and how much to weigh, taken away from her.
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Tommy and his four wives are forced to face new problems when the Bimbo pills are stopped.
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She's only going to get thicker and thicker...
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Noah, a handsome feedee finds himself in the position to be able to make 3 wishes. What will he chose?
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