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When Molly discovers her roommate purposely gaining weight for gifts, she decides to try it for herself.
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Loving husband turns to food and drink after separating from his wife.
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Slim and pretty Bella starts taking medication for her headache but it will also make her really hungry and not able to see reality as it is.
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2 weeks
A young woman is diagnosed with a rare mutation of a disease that prevents her from ever feeling full. CHAPTER 4 NOW UP
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Early stages, girl in financial danger accepts a position that will entail more than she was told.
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With apologies to Amazon and Philip K. Dick for bastardizing The Man In The High Castle!
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What would you do if you came across your favourite online gainer crush at your local gym?
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Mia is a college student sharing an apartment with two roommates who decide it's time to play a little bit with Mia's weight without her noticing.
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Scarlett is a supermodel like actress who puts on weight for an upcoming role. She comes to find that she can�t get enough of her gain. Slow paced realistic gain.
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