A half ton of fun

chapter 1

Rico awoke to another beautiful Southern California morning, but noted that 2 women were arguing outside his apartment. One was very angry and complaining, obviously agitated and winded, while another was mostly laughing. He peeked out the blinds in his bedroom window.

“That bitch told me the apartment was on the 1st floor, Janice, you know I can’t be doing stairs!”, yelled the heaviest one, blonde, with a soft, heavy hanging double belly and elephantine thighs. She was sweating, had a full double chin, and trying to get her air after the stairs. Smoking a cigarette. Probably 400 pounds Rico thought.

“Jackie, this is a good deal, calm down,” said a second laughing fat bellied brunette, “This place has been renovated and YOU misunderstood ground floor for 1st floor.” Janice had a huge ass, wide hips, and a fat blubbery belly. Rico guessed 300 pounds. Sweatpants filled with a blubber gut. Double belly forming nicely.

“Dammit how are we going to get our stuff up these stairs?”, whined the sweating, heavy, stressed, smoking Jackie.

Rico stepped out his door from across the outdoor patio and said, “Hello ladies can I help?” His gaze lingered a bit too long on the huge double belly lower roll of Jackie encased in tight sweats. She noticed his interest and smiled inside, having known many men who coveted her big fat soft figure.

Janice said, “Well we thought this was a ground floor apartment, and we have a lot of stuff to move up.”

“No problem ladies, My buddy and I will handle it,” said Rico. He called Joe and the contents of the Uhaul and truck were moved up before lunch. He served the girls beer and weed while the move in took place.

After the work was done the fat women sat in their new apartment- air conditioned and a with a huge renovated bathroom - and thanked Rico.

“Rico you are a life saver,” said the lazy and obese Jackie, smoking a joint, “Thank you!”

“No problem, welcome to the neighborhood,” replied Rico.

“You know Rico, Janice and I are lesbians, and we normally take care of our particular needs,” Jackie slurred stoned as Janice smiled, “But sometimes we like to have a cock inside us… are you willing to be that occasional cock?”

Rico laughed and said, “Sure…how about dinner ladies what is your pleasure? pizza? Fettuccine Alfredo? You name it!”
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Jdm 1 year
Hopefully we get a few more chapters where there’s some pregnancy weight gain
Jellybellylover 1 year
Oh yes and the little one will be fattened up and knocked up too
Azerty 1 year
Great. Thank you. More?